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Travel Day Negative Six

I can't swear I'll do this for every negative day (and the positive days will probably end up in the travel book we're putting out!) but it seemed fun.


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I love these so hard! It feels like you talking to us, and being as honest as you can. Thank you!

I see you packed your Sabertooth Skull Self-Protection Device. Very wise!

-- A (and, seriously -- do what works for you, I'm glad to see you enjoying these pages in Fabulous Ursula Style!)

This is great! I am getting all the entertainment of a trip to Southern Africa without having to actually leave my house.

The trips that scared me the most before I went have all been really great once I got there. Hope that's true for you, too.

Africa is wonderful. You can get sick and get robbed everywhere, but you can only see Africa in Africa.

However, I did go behind a bush to pee and found a lion there, so your leopard fighting pee thing is probably a good idea.

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These pages are things of beauty and joys forever.

I double knot all of my laces, even my ghillie brogues (and I have gotten some comments, but my laces don't come untied!).

The thing that lets you pee standing up is the best invention ever, and not as hard to learn how to use as you might think.

Awwww, coneflowers! CUTE!

Once again, I love the chicken. Bet they DO have chickens where you're going, though; you know, for the leopards and roving packs of wild hyenas to eat in lieu of tourists. Perhaps you should bring a few extra chickens with you? Just in case. :D

That's an extremely accusatory look Sergei's giving. He knows something's up.

Bought my pee thing for Malaysia.
Useful in areas of America as well.

Did you see Sharon Stiteler's article in ABA Magazine about funnels? She recommends practicing at home with them before you get to the field. http://bg.aba.org/i/425921-dec-2014

That was actually very helpful!

Being able to pee standing up is the greatest gift to womankind. if nothing else it keeps your 'personals' up higher then the average tick, snake, spider and such.

There's an extremely distressing story in abook about an LSU trip to Peru, IIRC, in which a young woman gets bot-fly in her privy parts. This is very much something you do NOT want to have happen to you. On another paw, you will be on another continent ....

Off topic but EEEEEEEE you have a smilodon skull! I bought one for myself just the other day, because I knew the moment I saw it that it would be perfect on top of the book shelf, and it is. :D

why no photo of the pee-standing-up device. Or at least a drawing of you fighting off a leopard with it. You are a hideous tease!

The birds of that area are AMAZING! I still have my old Roberts guide from around 1981. Fabulous birding.

I don't know if you've already solved the shoelace problem, and I don't know if this is the kind of problem that it was, but I have a pair of shoes that never used to stay tied until I learned that I had been tying a granny knot instead of a reef knot. (That link goes to a site with more information about shoelaces than I ever thought existed, by the way.) It's remarkably hard to get my fingers to change what they've been doing for the last third of a century or so, but when I remember to do it, it really seems to work.

That is the secret. You need to tie a square bow. [I was older than you when I learned this.]

Uh oh! Sergei is beginning to work out what is going on!

As a matter of curiosity who is looking after your furkids while you are fighting off leopards with your Shewee?

Wait, wait... are you going to fight leopards by hitting them with the "you go girl" or are you going to pee on them or what? I'm so confused.

Sergei is adorable though. Loooove that fur.

Whatever you do, PRACTICE with that funnel! They can be a bit tricky to use, and you don't want to try it for the first time someplace you can't immediately change clothes if you need to. (Voice of experience.)

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My laces never stay tied either.

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