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Hugos and all that

So the Hugo ballots are out, and it's an ugly steaming pile of fandom crap.

If you care, you can easily find out more on the internet--I've run through my explaining energy. Here's Elizabeth Bear, who's smart. There was a slate, run by very Not Nice people, who, owing to the low numbers and diffuse nature of nominating, swept most of the categories, with the intent to "stick it to the SJW's." A chunk of them welcomed Gamergate in on it, and at that point, I am done forever. (The Rabid Puppies, worth noting, actually did better than the Sad Puppies, for those following along at home--their slate essentially won.)

I am so tired of this, O Best Beloved.

It hurts to watch. Not just because of the Hugos, but because of genuinely nice people desperately trying to say "But I'm good and I deserved this!" and maybe they are and maybe they would have gotten there organically, but we'll never know now. All we know is that people who think it's awesome to bring in Gators really wanted them to be on the slate. And that sucks so much, for them, and for the rest of us who can't reward their talent without rewarding banal evil.

Have you ever watched one of those movies where you feel intense sympathetic embarrassment for a character? I can't stand those movies. I cringe watching. Kevin thought Bridesmaids was hysterical, and I found it desperately uncomfortable.

I feel like that watching my fandom now. This is agonizing.

A couple have bowed out--all honor to them, and I hope they get nominated for real in another year when I can vote for them. Except that this rate, I'm about this close to being done with the awards forever because this sort of thing is just too painful to watch go down.

Fandom is full of agonizingly clever people. I'm hoping someone sorts it out. I can't. The knot's too tangled and I am too tired. And the memory of fandom is much too long and there are people who will drag this behind them like tin cans for the next decade. Maybe we all will.

I go to Botswana in a couple of days. By the time I get back, I hope everything has settled out. (Hey, I can dream.)

Comments are off. I've invoked too many dread names and I don't want to ride herd on a comment section I can't control, particularly when I'm leaving soon.

Everybody, just...take care of yourselves.
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