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In Happier News...


It will be awesome! Once you get there all the frazzle (I hope) will disappear. Muppet-like flailing is *totally* competence in action!

These are fantastic. Thank you.

You are totally an adult! You will totally be fine! And Kevin's Hello Kitty bandaid is adorable.

I will not try to be comforting because it will be like the wonderfully comforting speech given by Erik the Viking in the movie of the same name. So instead I will suggest a nice calming cup of tea while purposefully doing nothing. Even though panic is funnier for us than zen like calm. Have fun!

Schistosomiasis is easy to cure. You get it by walking barefoot in water.

One of the less successful efforts to improve the economy in Africa involved a dam which flooded [intentionally] a large area to make it usable for agriculture. The water is shallow and you can, indeed, grow stuff in it, but everybody there now has schistosomiasis.

I think you mean "easy to catch"

Loving the travel journal so far. Comics are working great.

We are smiling and flailing in sympathy right along with you

I am SO loving the sketch of Kevin. One of these days I'm going to meet both of you and test his Equal Opportunity Lechery, because it's been a Very Long Time since I've been lech-ed at.

Now go spend a half hour digging in the dirt and communing with your friendly bacteria and ask them to help protect you from the snail pox. Can't hurt.

Leopard-killing pee-thing?

I assume you mean a Whizzy™ or a SheWee™?

Re: Leopard-killing pee-thing?

"You Go Girl."

It's very difficult and I am not sure I can use it in the field without severe damage to my pants.

You got the travelogue sketch thing solid. These are so cute.

And it's not Africa, the whole world is yrting to kill us. We had basement flooding in 2013 and i got bacteria in my foot from a heel blister. Snails or MRSA -- sounds like a tie to me.

Dr. Phil

MRSA much worse. Schisto is exquisitely vulnerable to Praziquantel.

Frazzled chicken is Competent!

You Can Do Eeet! Plus snailpox is totally treatable. Some antimalarials prevent it inherently, and even if you're taking something else, a little Biltricide will fix you right up when you get home. :-)

Today I have learned about one of Kevin's piercings from this sketch!

I'm sure Botswana will be wonderful, even if you have to curl up for three weeks at home afterwards to recover your equilibrium. :)

You'd...forgotten the whole story with the having to put an extra layer on under his Boy Scout Master uniform?

Disease names are SO weird.

My brother got scarlet fever when I was small, and I remember how flushed and red he was from it; I don't know if that's where the name comes from, but it made perfect sense to me; I think I was five. And when I got the mumps a few years later (from my brother again, who shared), I figured that each side of your throat swelled up into a single Mump. Why else would it be called that?

Other names aren't quite so logical; I mean, look at measles and chickenpox. If there were any justice, an illness whose name is pronounced "me-zuls" should make a person break out in little teeny selfies all over as spots-- little "me"s. Or smiley-faces or emotocons at the very least. Why don't we break out in tiny chickens with chicken-pox? If we did, that would make snailpox an illness where you broke out in little snails, which would be both disgusting and strangely cute.

You, being you, probably *will* break out in snails. When you do, could you please take photos so we can identify the species? For science, you know.

Also, again I love the chicken. AND the shark! <3

Chickens can get a very visually similar (but not zoonotic) disease called pox. I am admittedly doing no research here but it seems possible that human pox was named after the similarity, given the thousands of years humanity has lived in proximity to domestic fowl.

It'll be great! Don't forget to pack your chicken. :)