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Travel Day Negative Two

And they’re not even GOOD eagles. I mean, if you wanted to show Bald Eagles scavenging fish or crapping on some Seattle-ite’s car, that’d be way more realistic. I resent these eagles.

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You could put frazzled chickens on the passports for maximum reality in terms of travel stress---just sayin.

Good luck, have a terrific time!

New item: Passport covers embossed with the official UrsualV Frazzled Chicken of International Travel! (Or possibly the Scary Duck of Maximum TSA Perplexment!) Would fund/purchase/gift!

the solar charger?
Dog's gift to the free thinking world -
when you get back, leave it on your dashboard in whichever car you use the most
I just my charger ALL the time, love it and it does a great job!
and yes, we have a generator too...
when I'm out and about though the solar one is handy as hell

As a Near-Seattlite who has had eagle shit on their car, porch, and deck, may I say that is a curse not lightly bestowed.

Wishing you a safe and insanely awesome trip! Except for the parts where those things are mutually exclusive, at which point I'm hoping for awesome.

If it helps...

There will be a moment when all your journey is past, and you are returning home.

Remember to take a deep breath when you first get into your house, again - it's not just the smell of home, but your brain will not have edited it into background. A real gift when coming home.

Crazy(and you might have seen me posting on Making Light. Or maybe not, because a lot of folks post there)Soph

I have! (Seen you, that is!)

I shall breathe deeply in the garden. A house occupied by an unwashed beagle for ten days is...less delightful.

I've enjoyed the pre-travel frazzled doodles. I'm beginning to feel frzzled over leaving for a 15 day cruise Saturday.

If it's through the Panama Canal - CHECK WITH YOUR TRAVEL AGENCY OR CRUISE LINE!!
I work at one of the above, and there's a 15 day Panama transit that's been cancelled.

I don't suppose you could get someone to come by and water the various vegetables? So as to increase the likelihodd of them being Huge and Not Dead when you get back?
(On relflection, I suppose you have probably already done that, and are instead pondering the likelihood of late frost/flood/hornworms/plagues of locusts...)

Oh, it rains here all the time. I'm not worried about that.

I totally agree about the eagles.

Apparently little Japanese kids often keep books that they stamp when they do trips to museums and national monuments and historical stuff. When I was in Japan on a walking tour, every time we stopped at a ranger station or museum or whatever, I used the stamp that was meant for the kids to stamp pages in my passport. So now I have all sorts of stamps with happy dancing tanuki and trees and maps and things all over the pages, and I've been told by various people that I'm not supposed to DO that, but I really don't care. :P It's my passport, dammit!

Again, the chicken has my total admiration. I tend to spend the last few days prior to a trip in a state of combined flail and anticipation, which usually produces a particularly brainless state of Sleep-Is-For-The-Weak. Soon as I'm on the plane, though, zzzzzzzzzzzz........

Also: I have a solar phone-charger! Works beautifully, though it takes a while (and a lot of sun) to bring it up to total power. The most useful thing I ever took with me traveling through foreign countries, though, was a full pack of foam earplugs. There were moments, MULTIPLE moments, when those earplugs and their wonderful snore-resistant qualities were all that stood between me and several particularly gruesome, messy homicides.

(not) murdering snorers

Messy homicides? I've been tempted to use the "smother with a pillow" method, myself. :/

.....also, on second look, WHAT is that critter that's about to eat your shovel (and possibly yourself)? And I too have sad, reproachful seedlings on my back porch right now that need planting: morning glory, collards, mustard greens and kale, plus full-sized geraniums, sorrel, parsley and a gorgeous red-flowering hibiscus plant (everything but the morning glories and the geraniums are to feed my bearded dragon that I named Angus after your cat; he's doing well.)

(Deleted comment)
Could be, could be.....

Best wishes for the trip! I hope all goes much much better than just "well", and also that the return afterwards is everything a homecoming should be.

It's always an excuse to buy more gadgets!!!

I told him they had outlets in Botswana.

Another thing you may already have thought of: do the outlets in Botswana work with your plugs? 'Cause if not, one gadget you might REALLY need (unless you already bought one for Germany) is a universal plug adaptor.

Checking the voltage capabilities of your devices should also be on your list, although Kevin, being a geek, has probably also taken notice of this...

The plugs are those of the UK, which has the new type G, but also two older types that were being phased out way back in 1974 (when I lived there) but are still around in older houses. (side trivia note - in England appliances come without plugs because of the variety of plug types in use).

Google points to a useful site www dot power-plugs-sockets dot com (link obfuscated to prevent being flagged as spam...

Came here to say this- it looks like Botswana has a lot of outlet styles, none of which are anything at all like American plugs. If you haven't already, y'all may want to get a few adapters- at least one per every two devices.

In Zambia, I had three different outlet-types in the same room. My first day there, a neighbor used my duct tape as makeshift electrical tape to change the end on my power strip so that I could plug in my refrigerator . . .

I resent these eagles.
To whom? Back to the Passport Office? Or did you re-send them on as random "gifts"?

I dunno... the national bird for America is something that looks impressive, but it's a scavenger that's frequently over-weight due to the junk food it eats, craps all over everything it doesn't eat and is something of nuisance. Sounds about right actually...

Wishing everyone involved lots of fun and experiences!!!

(I missed out on the Kickstarter…)

(Deleted comment)
There's a couple 6000mAh packs with built in solar panels; useful as a backup when traveling.

Have a good trip! So long as he doesn't stuff so many gadgets in that airport security thinks its a bomb! :~)

I think they're beautiful Eagles! Have fun on your trip!

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