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I will see you in awhile, guys!

If you need to track me in real time, you're...probably screwed, but I will check in on Twitter as airport and lodge wi-fi permits. Take care of yourselves!

Have fun! We'll miss you.

Safe journey, and have a wonderful time!

Travel mercies & have fun.

Do you board your animals or have a pet sitter? (I'd volunteer to sit but it would be quite a hike & back every day)

Safe travels! Remember to breathe. :)

Bon voyage!

(Safe travels)

*sings softly, as she's an one octave bluebird*

May it be an evening star shines down on you.
May it be when you seek, the birds come to you.
When what you bring stays with you and the snails stay far away.
You return to your garden with stories to share.

Blessed Travels, Ursula.

Bon Voyage. Have a glorious time with no hardship whatsoever.


Have fun! Don't worry about posting until you get back - focus on experiencing things!

May the snailpox be absent and may the birds be abundant beyond counting!

Have an absolutely amazing time.

This kind of thing can be (but isn't necessarily always) transformative. I hope it'll be, at the least, really /interesting/.

This sounds like an awesome trip, I hope it is wonderful, exciting, and entirely safe.

Aww. I love cartoon Ursula.
I hope you have a lovely time and see lots of life-list birds to make it worth your while. And I hope Kevin survives whatever befalls him just because he is with you.

Have fun and remember it doesn't matter how cute the honey badger looks you cannot bring it home. The same goes for the bush baby. Just no!

May all the Travelling Gods watch over your group and keep you safe. Hope everyone enjoys it!

Have a grand adventure. Come home safely. Tell us all about it.