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Bird Herd

Took a walk. The goldfinches are in summer coat now, and Christ A'mighty, they're spectacular. The gold! The black! I need to do a goldfinch gnomebird. The big bluejay, who is also spectacular, has decided that my suet feeder is an acceptable offering for his gloriousness and has been coming back to munch. Lots of northern mockingbirds out, the usual robins--I have never much liked robins, I think it's the streaky eye-ring, makes 'em look like they have an encrustation of eye pus. Plus they're jerks--and a positive horde of myrtle warblers. My feeder is like myrtle warbler central. And they're feisty little buggers.

So far today, the backyard has seen three cardinals (two male, one female), at least four myrtle warblers (I've seen a dozen, but only four at any given time, so I'm assuming there's some repeat sightings) the elusive brown-capped nuthatch, two white-breasted nuthatches (who are the boldest of the lot and tend to bitch at me when I come out on the deck) a downy woodpecker, male and female red-bellied woodpeckers, a pine warbler, the bluejay, a cavalcade of Carolina chickadees, two Carolina wrens, a coupla pine siskins, three mourning doves, two dark-eyed juncoes and I'm keeping an eye out for a partridge in a pear tree. It has been a busy day in the yard, and those are just the ones that sat still long enough for me to spot.

Not having much luck attracting the finchy types. I've put out a finch sock of thistleseed, but nobody's found it yet. I'll give it a few days, I suppose. Everbody else, however, is in fine style. When the migrants start coming through...well, the heart quails. I'm excited.

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*chuckle* They're pretty now, but soon the jays and cardinals will be all over the places as you put out more food. I'm originally from the South East and my father would always put out seed for them during the fall, winter, and early spring. They will be more than happy to grace your eaves as long as you feed them.

Hearing about all this, tho, makes me want to be back home in East Tennessee for spring. Sadly I'm stuck in the land of snow and vice until May.

I only know of one other person who gets this excited over birds, and that's my pastor. Funny the things poeple have in common.

Ahh, I love Eastern Blue Jays. If you ever hear a bunch of them screaming angrily in the summer, check it out- they might be yelling at a snake or a hawk. I've seen them doing both in my backyard in TN.

*sighs* I want your backyard.

I love the bluejays. my mother (the bird person) doesn't care for them all that much. I think she thinks they are too messy or something. I just think they are beautiful. my other favorites here, are wrens. stupid little buggers as far as nesting goes -- they'll build a nest anywhere, like in fertilizer bags and mail boxes -- but they are feisty and quite fetching for little brown creatures.

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