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Castle Hangnail Release Day

Hey, guess who's got a book out today!?

Here's an Amazon link, which includes Hardcover, Kindle, and Audiobook versions, but you should also be able to find it at a bookstore near you! (The audiobook is recorded by the awesome voice actress who did the voice of Bulbasaur in the animated Pokemon series! HOW COOL IS THAT!?)

Castle Hangnail

(For those who've followed the art for awhile, the voodoo doll and goldfish from the Donkey & Goldfish series are characters! Quick the Donkey didn't make it into this book, though. Pins and the goldfish have been traveling for a long time, I think...)

There's a Kirkus starred review and it's a School Library Journal selection, so a lot of people really liked this one. I am almost sure it is a good book, and now I am just petrified that it is a good book that will vanish into oblivion and no one will ever read it. I'm really proud of it, though. If you--or a kid in your life!--likes Eva Ibbotsen, I hope you'll like this one, too.

Then I shall have something to look forward to when the mail arrives!

Amazon has assured me it will arrive today!

I'm trying to reduce the amount of business I give to the Big South American River, so I preordered from B&N. Who say it's supposed to ship today, but don't show it as having shipped yet. Whimper.

I should be finishing something for work anyway. I'm going on a trip Friday and would like to take it along if I can keep my hands off it after it arrives.

That was a fabulous review from Fuse#8. I always enjoy her blog and knew she had good taste. :-)

Argh! B&N has emailed me that my order will be delayed! Hope this means they sold lots and lots of copies.

Approved of by Nine Year Old

It showed up last night before my nine-year old went to bed, so I gave it to her for her bedtime reading. When she got home from school, she handed it to me and said she was done. Her review wasn't something you could put on a book-jacket or use in a blurb as it was mostly just bouncing up and down, clapping a lot and saying "YAY!" several times. Also "It was really funny!"

Now I get to read it.

Oh my god I'm so conflicted! Hardcover for beautiful illustrations or Kindle for instant gratification?!?!?!?!? *dies*

*gnaws on a hangnail* Hardcover it is! But ohhhhh I have to wait until Friday! *antsy fidgets!*

Whooo! And then.....price. I know you're not the publisher or setting the price. But that is EXPENSIVE for an ebook. At least IMHO. I will probably still buy it, but not for a while. Not till my finances straighten themselves out. I'm sure it's made of awesome. You made it! And I know Penguin is this huge behemoth of a company, but still....ow price.

Hubby came home today with a package for me and I couldn't for the life of me remember what I had ordered. I literally squeaked with glee when I discovered that it was this book. So so so excited to read it. :)

It astonishes me how you can self-efface almost into the wall while promoting your own work...! This takes talent! *bemused*

If I apologize enough in advance, hopefully the universe will not smite me for hubris!

...if I were Icarus, I would have been hiding under cloud cover all the way.

Bakka Books just alerted their customers that they had received their shipment of it, and I was about to ask you if you were the author.

Unfortunately I am doing final projects and preparing for final tests so I cannot get to a book for at least two weeks. Curse you!

I've been quoting at my husband all night from it (in between the laughter). It reminded me a bit of the witches from Discworld; whimsy and humor with solid, meaningful underpinnings and a sense that being ordinary can be the most extraordinary thing. Brilliant.

I got mine in the mail yesterday! (I think Amazon might have shipped some of them out a little early) I just finished it (stupid job making it so I can't just read all the time), it was so good ^_^ When I first met Pins and the Goldfish I'm pretty sure I squee'd out loud, the Quick the Donkey series of painting were always some of my favourites.

Also and unrelated, I wanted to share this with you: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Hatoful-Boyfriends-525582266 (these were made by a friend of mine from back in high school, and I thought you might like them).

May I ask - does the Kindle edition also have the illustrations?


It should? Theyre black and white, and I did not port it, so I can't speak to how faithful it is. (Must really buy a copy and check!)

I have purchased (via Kindle) and consumed Castle Hangnail.
My review is as follows: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ♥

That review would be enough to make me buy it, if I hadn't already bought it. :)