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Good reviews, hummingbirds, stone

People are being very nice about Castle Hangnail! It's awesome! (Now, if it just sells...)

I've also got a short guest post up at Nerdy Book Club, in case anybody wants to read my philosophical musings about being the weird kid.

And I saw the first hummingbird of the year! And I have moved over a ton of stone by hand laying paths in the front yard. Something about the jetlag from Africa means that I'm waking up around 7:30 AM and asleep by 10:30. This is not in any way normal, but I'm getting a lot of landscaping work done in the morning. Eventually I'll probably revert, but hopefully I'll have most of the paths laid by then.

And Saturday, at Flyleaf Books, I have a launch event for Castle Hangnail, at 4pm. Be there or be...err...elsewhere!

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I bought it Tuesday, read it last night, and soooo, when is book 2 coming out? Too many unanswered questions! Must. Have. More. Story!

*laugh* They haven't bought a sequel yet! I've got a chapter or two if they want one, but no plot...

I don't care so much about a plot, I just want more time with these characters.

Can't wait until I know appropriately-aged children to give this book to.

I bought one & read it today! nice work!

Got it and read it today--

Hey, Ms. Vernon: YES. Write more, please. And does the mint patch now have lawn crayfish in it?

To everyone else: Amazon automatically bumps books up to promote if they get a certain number (30?) So, go review the book there to bump up the number of reviews!

Looks like my local indie bookstore chain has about a dozen in stock, so....

Oh oh! We heard the first hummingbird of the year the very afternoon I got home. Haven't seen one yet, but broad-tails aren't very sneaky.

The unstealthy trill of the broadtail hummingbird is what I love best about them. Even if I never see one I know when they pass through the city. No sign of them way up in Colorado yet, of course, but we still have another few weeks when it can snow. Though one year I remember seeing a broadtail during a snowstorm. It appeared to come through just fine and was at the feeder the next morning. Not that surprising since they live in our mountains and it can snow any day of the year up there.

Bought it as soon as I saw your LJ post announcing it's out-ness, consumed immediately, request more please!

(At your publisher's whim, of course.)

*is extremely disgruntled that amazon forgot to ship her copy until she bitched at them and won't get to read it until tomorrow at the earliest*

But yaaaay hummingbirds!

Shout out to "My Side of the Mountain"! I still plan to eventually move into a hollow tree somewhere in the mountains.

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Weird Kids and Survivalism

Did you ever read "Island of the Blue Dolphins" by Scott O'Dell? It's the story of a young girl stranded alone on an island for years. I read it. But I was more influenced by Tarzan. People were always getting shipwrecked, or lost, or having their planes crash in the jungle in the Tarzan novels. I carried a pocket knife and fish hooks in my purse so I could catch fish, just in case I ever got lost in the jungle.

And don't forget "The Boxcar Children" about four orphan children who live in an abandoned box car and scavenge for food and supplies.

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Picked up a copy at B&N yesterday for my wife's birthday. Think I'd better get it wrapped this aft, or she's likely to get it used... Must. Not. Open. Cover...

The book is fun from beginning to end.

Bought, read, and loved, Castle Hangnail, especially the bats. And since the book cover noted you like bats...

Baby Bats!

Headgear for every aspiring witch!

Woot! Will endeavor to attend Flyleaf! Thanks for the read!

I just finished it, and I have so many FEELINGS over it, but mostly I want to thank you for a book I would have held close to my heart as a twelve year old and will hold closer still now just to make up for lost time, since time travel is probably not advised.

Also I very much appreciated the bit with Stonebreaker asking.

I'm only a third of the way through it, and I already had to pop over here to tell you how awesome it is (and you are). I smell Hugo #2 all over it (assuming the bleeping Puppies etc., but let's not speak of that).

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