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Arrgh, a crown just popped off. *grump*

It's ironic, though--the last time this happened was...2005? I think? Ten years ago. And I went into crushing panic because DENTAL THINGS and what would I do and this had never happened before and oh god oh god!

And now I'm like "Yup, gotta call the dentist tomorrow morning."

Which is either a testament to the mellowing power of a decade, or to prior experience in the field. I sent Kevin off to get dental adhesive and I'll call the dentist tomorrow and not eat any more of the Delicious Ginger Chewy Things that done me wrong.

(There is no pain, fortunately--that tooth is so dead that a necromancer with a dozen black goats and a book of Latin incantations couldn't get it working again. Just annoying having a sudden gaping hole in the back of my jaw.)

**Trigger warning: Dental horror**

ETA: So I get the temporary dental cement to hold it in until I can get to the dentist, and then it's too high up and I can't bite down without hitting it, and I suspect if I try to leave it like this, I'll bite wrong and shatter the crown. This is a problem. I try to take it out...and the cement is CEMENT. Less than a minute in, and it's hard as a rock. I can't get it out.

I wind up using pliers. In my mouth. Which was horrifying nightmare fuel, let me tell you. I better never have that tooth-falling-out dream again, because I have EARNED my exemption from that dream. I am hardcore and also that was pretty awful and I would rather not have to do that again.

I mean, it didn't hurt, it was just...eww.

Please, dentist, have an opening tomorrow!

Does Kevin have pictures of pliers… :-)

You are beyond hardcore.

it's got to be something in the air
I was at the dentist today for an emergency visit for a painful tooth
turned out I didn't need a root canal, he was able to drill and fill it again
another friend had a crown break, another friend fell and broke a tooth

enough of the dental stuff me thinks
here's to an opening and an easy appointment for you tomorrow

I worked in a dental office for a few years. Not only do I cheerfully re-cement crowns, but I have made my own dentures. You were right about getting the too high crown out ASAP. That can cause huge amounts of pain. The dentist will probably be able to re-cement it in no time, so no worries.

(Deleted comment)
Nowadays, the most creative chalkboard outside a bar or food business is bound to bring in the customers. One I saw outside a gelato parlor went:

"My dentist told me I need a crown. I'm like, 'I know, right?'"

Well, I've had a number of dental adventures of my own, some of which I chronicle in my journals. Depressing as hell, actually; I currently have open slots for #14 and #31—and when you know the numbers of your teeth, the end is near.

Actually, #31 is in the back and has been empty for at least five years. The tooth rotted out under the crown, and had to be extracted. (Going to NYU dental school for my dentistry makes me feel like I'm seeing the "dinosaur dentist" Fred Flintstone used to go to—you know, you have a toothache, so you tie a string around the tooth, tie the other end to the doorknob, and slam the door.)

So you're doing the right thing, and I'm hoping you get an easy appointment tomorrow.

For temporary crown sticking back in, use denture adhesive. You have to take it out before you go to sleep and reapply it in the morning each day. It's easily removable by the dentist with cotton swabs, and if you misposition the crown, you just yank it back out with your fingers and reseat it. Repeat until it fits right.

This is unfortunately an all too common experience for me. I have really bad genetics for teeth from both sides of my family. And my roots are extra long, and twisty, and some of my teeth have extra roots, which is quite a surprise to my dentists. So when I get a root canal, it takes twice as long, and the dentist has to order the extra long files out of the veterinary dentistry supply catalog. Fortunately, I have a pretty high pain tolerance.

When I was a kid, my dentist didn't use Novocain™. At all—and then the hygienist had to comfort me; I was actually embarrassed to be crying, because I thought he drilled without anesthesia to make me tough it out.

I have never since had a dentist who didn't live by the mantra, "Numb is good."

So, on a scale of one to MOM WHERE IS YOUR UTERUS NOW, how would you say this rates?

Hopefully when you can get in at the dentist you can tell them this story and make them go eww and hopefully visibly cringe.

Gotta love the cringe.

My dentist had to remove my crown immediately after putting it on the jest and only time I have gotten a crown and yeah. I feel this one on a visceral level. Fist bump.

And by jest I meant first, obviously. Note to self: proofread.

Well, another crowning moment for you, I daresay. The temporary cement you used will hold over night but really not much longer. I promise. Especially if you bite down enough times due to the annoyance of it being higher. :) It's not as sticky as one might like.

At least there are no live nerves to upset.

Funny story to brighten things up:
While living in London many years back a crown popped off. Finding a dentist was an interesting adventure, suffice it to say I found Dr. McCoy (yes, that was his real name) who was lovely.
Dr McCoy: (in a very patient teaching voice) Now I'm going to blow some cold air on your tooth..
Me: I won't feel it.
Dr. McCoy: How do you know?
Me: I had a root canal there. There's no nerve in the tooth.
Dr. McCoy: (long pause seemingly in confusion then) How do you know that?
Me: (long pause of much confusion, choosing words, tossing many away, trying to be as kind in my choice as possible then going with)...um...because I was there at the time?
Dr. McCoy: You Americans know so much about your own Dentistry!

And twenty five pounds later my crown was back in place and has stuck there for over 12 years now. Cheapest dentist appointment ever in my life.

I dont quite understand,if the tooth is at the back and is dead, why not just remove it?

I finally pulled my big girl panties on this year and booked to get my last remaining wisdom tooth out, it was hooked in behind the tooth in front but was starting to degrade to the point it was not healthy.

Of course I got an infection in the socket afterwards but other than the pain of having it wrenched out sideways from my jaw it was the least kerfuffle I have had with a tooth extraction (my first two wisdom teeth removal had me in bed for 6 weeks after and nearly needed a blood transfusion!)

Well, I use it to chew with, and if they pull it, the rest of my teeth are gonna wander back a bit, so I'm happier having it in, really.

I am so thankful that your underlying tooth is dead since you can't be seen until tomorrow. My crown popped out in October (on Halloween, to be precise) I got online to figure out what to do.. saw that they do not recommend recementing yourself.. and started trying to contact my dentist. Shortly after she didn't answer either cell or office phone, my tooth woke up and simply breathing HURT. So I drove to her office hoping she'd be there. She was. And she cemented it back in. Yay.


Yeah, dental stuff freaks me out.
Especially ever since I had the crown which failed and the tooth which broke off under it and so I basically procrastinated for YEARS until I couldn't avoid it anymore and had to get what was left removed and then a dental implant and they DRILLED into my HEAD and it was more terrifying than a root canal and....