UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,


Arrgh, a crown just popped off. *grump*

It's ironic, though--the last time this happened was...2005? I think? Ten years ago. And I went into crushing panic because DENTAL THINGS and what would I do and this had never happened before and oh god oh god!

And now I'm like "Yup, gotta call the dentist tomorrow morning."

Which is either a testament to the mellowing power of a decade, or to prior experience in the field. I sent Kevin off to get dental adhesive and I'll call the dentist tomorrow and not eat any more of the Delicious Ginger Chewy Things that done me wrong.

(There is no pain, fortunately--that tooth is so dead that a necromancer with a dozen black goats and a book of Latin incantations couldn't get it working again. Just annoying having a sudden gaping hole in the back of my jaw.)

**Trigger warning: Dental horror**

ETA: So I get the temporary dental cement to hold it in until I can get to the dentist, and then it's too high up and I can't bite down without hitting it, and I suspect if I try to leave it like this, I'll bite wrong and shatter the crown. This is a problem. I try to take it out...and the cement is CEMENT. Less than a minute in, and it's hard as a rock. I can't get it out.

I wind up using pliers. In my mouth. Which was horrifying nightmare fuel, let me tell you. I better never have that tooth-falling-out dream again, because I have EARNED my exemption from that dream. I am hardcore and also that was pretty awful and I would rather not have to do that again.

I mean, it didn't hurt, it was just...eww.

Please, dentist, have an opening tomorrow!
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