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Lilac-Breasted Roller & Friend

This is possibly the single luckiest photo that Kevin took in Botswana. There are photos of rarer animals, photos with better lighting and composition, but none of them are placed quite so...perfectly.

That bird is a Lilac Breasted Roller, the national bird of Botswana. The elephant is an elephant.

(Credit to Kevin Sonney for photo. But it's my camera he took it with it, anyway. *grin*)

Lovely! They seem to be conversing. :)

So, elephants are birdwatchers too? Who knew?

That's one fantastic photo; y'all should submit it to National Geographic's 'Your Shot' category-- it'd fit right in!

Awedorable. So glad you had a great time in Africa.


The elephant is like "Bird, you're impeding my progress, move your butt."

That bird is so pretty! It looks like a confection.

That's an excellent shot Amusingly enough before our trip I was going through my book and commented that I hoped we saw a lilac breasted roller. Little did I know the things were dead common and seemed to be on branches by the side of the road every 200 metres. Snicker. It became a running gag. They're such lovely birds!

There were so many that I was startled when we got Purple Rollers instead!

Gorgeous bird and epic composition! Go Kevin!

While you were there doing that, I was in Tasmania doing this


That is ridiculously gorgeous!

Wow! What a beautiful little critter. It doesn't look real!



Oddly enough, the May picture on my Nature Conservancy calendar is a lilac-breasted roller. This one appears to be yelling its head off.

Awesome bird and fabulous photo! Looks like a sure contest winner to me.

Smile for the Birdie!

After seeing how hard it is to film wildlife when you're Not An Expert (Thank you Top Gear), that is an amazing shot. Serious congrats to Kevin and your equipment.

Absolutely AMAZING! ♥