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Africa Photos

I have assembled a few of Kevin's photos on Tumblr, if anyone wants to see them!

African Buffalo
The Giraffe's Expression
The Most Dangerous Animal In Africa
One Of My Favorite Birds
This Bird Looks Fake
Lions Are Cool But Seriously, Those Were Bush-shrikes
The Trouble With Impala
We Love You Football-Bob
Yellow-Billed Submarine
I'm Too Majestic For My Wings

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I had been waiting to glimpse Football-Bob. He did not disappoint.

As I think I've mentioned before, there are now feral hippos breeding in Colombia. Darn invasive species.

BTW, have you been reading Kurt Busiek/Ben Dewey's "The Aumnlands (Tooth & Claw)"? I very much like the anthro giraffe character.

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Have you come across the fact that there was once a scheme to import Hippopotamuses to Louisiana to be used as a meat source? I heard a thing about it on RadioLab and for once I was thankful for the congressional budget process that made the mad scheme fall apart in the planning stage.

So is there a backstory to the discovery of the African buffaloes' extraordinary bladder capacity or is it a well-known fact in Africa?


We pulled up alongside one, and it began to pee.

It kept at it for awhile. Eventually we began to comment. This did not impress the buffalo, but neither did it enrage it. It continued until we drove away.

Oh dear, I had no idea hippos were poo flingers XD That is oddly hilarious to me.

(Deleted comment)
I had to look that up, and now all I can say is "eww eww eww".
Now I feel bad for the hippo. Having a leech in your ass sounds like a poo flinging circumstance to me. XD

The hippo area at the National Zoo has safety zones marked on the ground and warning signs.

(Deleted comment)
He does, and a good eye, but these are also winnowed out of 3000+ photos with multi-shot frequently on, so we're stacking the deck a little. *grin*

Cape buffalo always look so grumpy. Perhaps they're just trying to look the part of being the second most dangerous animal in Africa. Then again, perhaps they're grumpy because those hippos keep stealing the title from them.

Love 'em, especially the Yellow-Billed Submarine Hornbill, who looks like the grumpiest old man ever, and the African Darter, who immediately made me think of flashers in trenchcoats.

That buffalo looks like it needs a dueling scar on its nose and a series of earrings hanging off the bottom edge of its torn ear. And an eye-patch. Definitely an eyepatch...

Lovely photos, the water buffalo looks like it ought to be a painting.

We have a bird that visits that is like the lilac breasted roller.

Rainbow bee-eaters come flying down from Indonesia, turning up happily in late as the wildflower season is in full swing Kambarang and leaving in late Birak as it starts heating up.

Most birds 'round here of that size are in the honeyeater little brown job category, so when you see one of these fireworks go by you go "Oh come *on*!"

Hippos are awesome and i will love them forever!

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