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So Kevin decided a few weeks ago that he wanted a kitten.

I can't blame him. We had that bad stretch a few months ago where we lost Angus and Brandon back to back, and then you look up one day and realize that there's only one pet in the house who isn't on senior food and Gir is ancient and resembles baying taxidermy and Emily the Mad, while currently stable and happy, is at an absurdly low level of kidney function, and basically one more bad run of luck like this January could leave the house rather terrifyingly empty.

Our last three adoptions were adult cats--that's generally my preference--but Sergei's the youngest in the house at five and when the issue is that everybody is aging into seniorhood at the same time, Kevin wanted to try a kitten again.

Realistically, he does most of the cat care, so despite my general grumpiness about very young animals, I rolled my eyes and muttered, since DogQuest is still ongoing--mostly*--and took him to Petsmart to look at the spring kittens that need homes.

And of course there were a pair of kittens there. Not actually from this spring--they're both ten months old--but the agency really wanted to adopt them out as a pair if possible, because they're sisters and have never been separated, and I was thinking "Oh lord, not two!" and then the little orange one, who had a perpetual expression of deep concern, curled up in Kevin's arms and purred and purred and purred and the tortoiseshell climbed on his shoulder and perched and purred and purred and I muttered darkly and filled out the paperwork.

(As many times as I have said "It looked sad!" to justify rescuing something in D&D, I cannot really argue when Kevin is melting quietly into a puddle over a kitten that Looks Sad.)

The adoption people said that our vet claimed they could not think of any better home. (Given the excitingly weird medical conditions our pets seem to manifest, our vet is probably thinking of putting a new wing on the practice. But I'm touched by the vote of confidence.)

We pick them up tomorrow. I will post photos then. Sigh.

*We are strongly considering greyhound adoption now, so far as DogQuest goes, but the organization we want to go through has no dogs currently needing homes, but they partner with yet another org, so things are on hold while I research and talk to the group. I am very tempted and everyone assures me that the cat-trainable ones are very very cat-trainable, so I'm gonna go meet some people in a few weeks and have them watch for a dog to come into fostering that will meet our rather specialized needs.

Aww, you got claimed there. What are their names?

Our boy came home with us from the shelter because as a two-month-old kitten he nuzzled into my wife's arms and purred. She melted. Then he nuzzled into my arms and licked my chin. Really, there was no hope of leaving him there.

We acquired a new foster kitten recently. Youngest cat we've ever had in our household. Previous foster cat, owners were temporarily in a shelter which did not allow pets, have you gone back to her family not even 24 hours before a precious little calico sauntered into our garage while we were doing garden work. No tags, filthy, bad coat, swollen belly, and a supreme interest in rubbing on our legs

Not even for 24 hours could we be down to four cats. If I'd known you were looking already, I would have gladly mailed this one to Kevin (with some new gaming dice to sweeten the deal).

A+ would kittens again! :D

That's a much better way to be claimed by a kitten that I was. *laugh* The one and only time I was allowed in the cat adoption area of PetSmart by myself, a teensy maybe-six-week-old kitten jumped down from the highest cages, landed on my head, and dug her claws in as she fell. When my mom came around the corner to check on me, blood was gushing from my scalp, the tiny kitten had blood dripping from her paws, and I was grinning like a fool. So naturally we had to take her. :D She was my cat for ten years and helped me survive so many upsetting times (and put up with many, many indignities- kitty burrito bath times and the like. :D).

Congrats on your new kitties! And best of luck finding a good companion dog, too.

This is my new favorite adoption story. =D

AH-HA! NOW I UNDERSTAND PERCY-CAT. Who apparently should be CatBob. See, we also got a kitten recently -- 8 months, adorable little classical tabby. Turns out he was given back because "too energetic" is code for "he bites -- not hard, not enough to break the skin, but alarming if you don't trust him to keep his teeth out of your flesh." Plus he has an upper respiratory infection which means that he gets kinda watery eyes and his nose runs. He makes. The most. ALARMING. Snurfly noises. Constantly.

He is, by all rights, a slightly "defective" catling, and would've been entirely in line with y'all's household. There must've been a mix-up at the Karma Kitty Assignment Department.

However, he's ours now, and I don't wanna give him up. Even if he did bite my bosom when he was thrashing his head around as I carried him, chewing on everything he could reach. (He stopped when I yelped! *snicker*)

So -- congrats on your kittens and good luck on the dog!

Upper respiratory thing could be cat herpes. If so, the vet probably has anti-viral medications (they have eyedrops if the virus affects the cornea).

Bastian claimed Kira the same way -- I was looking at a whole crop of rescue kittens, whereas she was sitting on the ground with her arm nearly shoulder-deep in a stacked cage, murmuring softly.

I tried to show her This Kitten or That Kitten, but she was rapturously entwined with a 10-month-old leggy Siamese-maybe, and she would hear of no other possible kitten.

I have never regretted my decision to sigh and fill out those papers -- and Bastian is the sweetest, funniest, most affectionate cat I've ever met, three-and-a-half years later... and he even puts up with our resident GrumpyButt Senior Cat, and even wound up helping her become more active and social :)

Good luck, and I'm looking forward to the pictures and associated Kitten Stories!!

-- A <3

Greyhounds are wonderful. I miss my brindle girl. She was the sweetest, laziest dog. We got her when she was 4, so still energetic, but not a puppy. She never went after the cats and, in fact, was scared of them because we told her No if she so much as looked at them right at the start. They, being furry bastards, abused this until I put my foot down about the whole scenario. Still, she was a good dog and I miss her.

As someone who volunteers with cats at a shelter, thank you thank you thank you for adopting "older" kittens (almost everyone wants them fresh from their mamas) in a pair bond (almost everyone just wants one). I spend a lot of time with cats who Look Sad and it's nice to know that two more will have a good and loving home.

Also, my alma mater had retired racing greyhounds on campus since that was the name of our sports team and they were awesome. They lived in the Jesuit residence with all the priests and were spoiled rotten.

I sorely miss having cats. The first cat that I had as an adult, Sterling, was from the shelter. She was the most cat-like cat ever. The other two were just cats in need of help. Max was an enormous longhair stray who was dumber than a sack of hammers and apparently had a fighting style that involved protecting his body by intercepting all incoming blows with his face. He was the sweetest doofus ever. Katie was a 3 week old longhair black kitten that someone abandoned in the parking lot where I worked. I took her to the vet over my lunch hour. I miss all three of those cats sorely, especially Katie. She was the last to go and sure helped me get through some rough times.
I recently looked into some of the cats and kittens a local rescue has up for adoption at the PetCo near me. Unfortunately, when I found out how much my apartment complex has hiked the rates for pets since Katie died, that idea got nixed.

Didn't Kevin used to feed feral cats? I think I remember you talking about him doing that.

You are a GOOD pet-mom; these two'll have a good home with you and Kevin.

I got claimed by my rather psychotic cat, Spot, when she climbed up 3/4 of a 4-foot-tall cat cage to hang precariously from her teeny fish-hook claws, squalling at me behind my back. I had lost my elderly, diabetic cat Maug The Dog (actually 'Mahogany', but these things stick and he would come if you whistled for him) and both I and his sister Bel were moping, so a friend had informed me that We Were Going Out To This Ranch She Knew About To Pick Out A Kitten, No, Just Shut Up, We're Going. And while I was petting the cute (if rather bland) white kitten with blue eyes, tiny claws were suddenly sticking into me from shoulder-height while a screechy air-raid siren went off..... I held the little black/white bundle of attitude for a few minutes and put her back into the cage, but damned if she didn't climb right back up and continue yelling at me; that pretty much did it, I was clearly not in charge here.

May your two give you as much joy and weirdness as Spot has given me over the last decade and more, though without so many hairballs or that time she had to go on Prozac for a month.

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... this is why I stay far, far away from kitten adoptions. I always want to cuddle them and name them and take them home. This one sounds like a perfect match, though, if they're purring at him already.

If you're willing to head a few hours north...

Star City Greyhounds in Roanoke VA is where we got our grey. They don't foster, generally, but they're -very- good with their cat tests (they have a cat living on site with a look of 'I have seen it all'). Our dog's "cat training" at home consisted of him walking over to the cat with the good-natured curiosity of a dog, getting slapped on the nose once, and since then he's regarded the cat as His Better who Must Not Be Riled. (EDIT: Just so we're er... clear. It was the cat who did the slapping, not us. We have an elderly-but-massive cat with an extremely limited tolerance of dogs with anything less than perfect manners.)

(Our guy, it must be said, was apparently A Very Good Dog who's name had come up when they'd been talking about dogs with the kind of personality that could say, live/work in a nursing home. Our biggest issue with him has been that he's kind of a wimp, likes to hog the bed, and has a tendency to growl in his sleep at god knows what (And thus, at night when we are both in bed He Must Sleep In His Dog Bed so there will be no unfortunate incidents where he gets roused from a nightmare by a kicking foot and nips it without thinking). From what we understand his brother, who is similarly well behaved, is still at the rescue...)

But, after poor dog dating in the past I Get It if a cat test is not enough and you need to -know- that they can live with cats.

Congrats on the new kittens!

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Seconding this thought - I circle around the dog training world* and have heard nothing but good things about your rescue. We'll just go with, er, "a breed rescue that good is a rarity." (I am not a sighthound person and through current quirk know no GREYHOUND people - but I do know whippet people and italian greyhound people and borzoi people and, er, sighthound people... run in packs... very leggy packs...)

* I live in New Mexico and have heard of said rescue. I feel that this probably says something for its high level of function.

PS. You will enjoy this: my vet's office parking lot has a resident roadrunner who terrorizes every dog who tries to come in the front doors. Feeling uppity and boisterous, labs and other bouncy dogs of the world? LET ME SHOW YOU MY DEAD LIZARD. He sits on the roof over the front door and croaks at you if you have the temerity to try to enter the clinic. I gather to understand by The Akita's reaction that he says very negative things about her mother, all her first cousins on her father's side, and her favorite squeaky lobster toy. I'm sure you'd like him.

Sounds roughly how we got our two tuxedo kittens (now ten years old but not much more dignified): little three legged boy kitty playing with a slightly younger girl kitty and though we'd wanted only one cat to keep our elder not actual Russian blue company, we ended up with three cats for a while.

Said not actual Russian blue being a stray that had wandered in my parents' garden: after having done the usual rounds of asking around, they asked if we could take him; I hemmed and hawed, but went home one weekend to look him over, picked him up and he put his paws around my neck and made it clear he wasn't going to allow me leaving him there. So I didn't.