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The Front Garden

The front garden got badly out of hand for a year or two while I was doing the back garden. Some stone and mulch and about two weeks of hard labor have gotten it back under control.

This state of affairs should last a good ten days. Maybe even two weeks.

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I may have whimpered. Your front yard is beautiful!

Your yard and house are beautiful.

That is seriously lovely.

I just realized I need way more pictures of your gardens, STAT!

oooh, pretty! *applauding standing on chair*

Gods, I WISH I had that much space! I think my front AND back yards would fit in your front with room to spare.

I am attempting vegetables this year. We Shall See.

Rural NC tends to be shockingly cheap to have space.

Rural NY can be too, depending on what part of the state you're in. There's seven acres I've had my eye on for over a year for about $30k. If it's still there in about five more years, I'll see what I can do. Need to fix up the house I have and make it sellable first. Then it's buy the land and start collecting earthship supplies.

My own garden is in full on wooley growing mode. Yours looks lovely!

Oh, pretty!

Having recently moved from a rowhouse to an apartment, I no longer have a yard. I have mixed feelings about this.

The stone pavers are perfect for your house.

And I'm dying to know the names of everything!

or as we say, wait til the first Good Rain.. then see how it lasts..

What's the tall yellow thing? I have something that looks similar (at least the flowers), and nobody seems to know what it is.

eta: very jealous of all of that, btw. It looks absolutely lovely.

Edited at 2015-05-07 11:18 am (UTC)

It is Baptisia! False Indigo, this one's--Carolina Moonlight, I think, is the cultivar.

If it looks similar, there's also false lupine, which is bright yellow.

That's very pretty and inviting.

That is a remarkable amount of mulching. Looks amazing. :-)

*laugh* There's actually about half the mulch of prior years--you're just seeing 99% of it in the shot!

Miss Handelbram would be pleased! One thing I really like about your yard is that your walkway meanders up to the door. I like a path that takes the scenic route.

Please know that when I finished reading Castle Hangnail, I gave it the highest praise I could give any book: I went back to page 1 and started over.

Holy Crap! It's been a long time since I've seen the hours. As my son would say, you BEASTED that garden. According to my eldest, my backyard needs Jesus.

Is the purple thing in the foreground a penstemon?

The whole yard is spectacular, and I envy your woods to the point where I'm the same color they are.

Beautiful and so stuffed with good things. I hate gardens that are just wastelands of lawn.

Your baptisias are beautiful! Do you find them troubled by voles, or are they one of the lucky tribe that voles won't touch?

If Ursula's place is anything like mine was, it is protected from small rodents by NC's large amount of black rat snakes, copperheads, and the occasional bird of prey.

I'm so excited to finally see a picture of this stuff!!

Sorry, late to join, I know.

WOW, look at what you've *done*! It looks great! Yeah, I know you said you laid all of these pavers and shifted all this mulch, but it really hits home when we get to see it. Ursula, your work looks great!

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