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It's propped upright by the whiskers which are rebar and now it is greeting visitors to the house!

Also, this is the Year of Peppers here. I resigned myself to the fact that the beets were just not gonna happen (weeks of total neglect while I played with stone and also Botswana) mulched it and picked up a half dozen peppers at the farmer's market. They had Carolina Reaper, Ghost, Trinidad Scorpion, Zimbabwe Bird Peppers, and of course, Habanero.

Most of the super hots are real buggers to germinate, so I don't bother, and you have to start them way early inside. Once they're actually going, though, they're supposed to be pretty straightforward. Since peppers are promiscuous cross-pollinators, I left everything but the Bird in the same area--I don't care what they do to each other, since as far as I'm concerned, they've all got the same basic flavor--hot, hot, stupid hot, punishingly hot, and I-have-something-to-prove hot. The Bird Peppers, which actually do taste distinctive, are shuffled off to another part of the garden. (Realistically, I would need a lot more space to keep them all apart if I were interested in saving seed or something, but I do starts for peppers because I'm not that talented with the seeds.)

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This has made my crappy day immeasurably better. GIANT METAL CATFISH. :D

(Also, dude in a utilikilt! :D Is that Kevin? You should tell him the internet approves of his utilikilt. ^_^)

As someone who sees them both at cons, that is indeed a Kevin!

Hi, Catfish-Bob!

Also: Serrano peppers are lovely to grow and mightily forgiving of gardening transgressions; they make good pepper jelly, sweet and hot without scorching your tongue into oblivion. If you want *that,* try to find some wild Chiltepins, tiny pea-sized red balls of murder.

You have some very interesting and creative farmers. Greetings Catfish-Bob!

Your existence makes me happy, Ursula. I can't have a giant metal catfish, but someone else who appreciates him, and probably better than I could, does. And blogs about it so I can know that things are right and good in some weird little corner of the world.

If anyone needs a giant metal catfish, it's you and Kevin.

Do you happen to know if Beautiful Wildlife Garden has gone away? I know you occasionally wrote for them. The site hasn't had anything new for a while now, and the last couple of days it comes up as a bad gateway.

Same with their sister blog, Native Plants & Wildlife Garden. :(

I don't think it's gone away for good--something seems to be amiss.

Good to hear. The "not gone for good" part.

catfish and kilt. Welp, MY day is made!

Hot peppers and giant metal catfish.

If that isn't Ursula and Kevin, I don't know what is.

Giant metal catfish! (If I said "KNOCK KNOCK M-----F----R," would you get the joke?)

(that line goes through my head every time I see a metal rooster sculpture small or large. :D )

I don't know if you've seen this; it was going slightly viral on the web last year, but I'm delighted to revive it.

In this video a Danish symphony orchestra eats the world's hottest chills while playing a tango:

[I tried to embed above, but LJ doesn't want to embed things lately. Let's just click on the link:]

Chili Klaus and Classical Orchestra eating the World's Hottest Peppers

[LJ makes a fool of me again.]

Edited at 2015-05-09 11:51 pm (UTC)

Re: Speaking of peppers…

(I like how the bassoonist had his hair done)

Re: Speaking of peppers…

Hee! Have passed that one along to my friend the orchestra conductor, who may actually know some of the people in it.

huh. I've always found sweet bells a pain to germinate, far above hot peppers. I do all right with green chiles and other hots, but I've also never bothered with the superhots because I don't actually cook anything that needs them.

Yeah, I've never managed to get a sweet bell to do well enough from seed to actually get fruit. Yet I've got some mystery peppers going that are likely a poblano hybrid and the ornamentals which are hot always manage to reseed themselves. One of those mysteries of gardening.

What is it with you and giant metal sculptures?! I grant you, Catfish-bob does look cool though.. although I can't help thinking that needs a pond to go in really.

You know, probably somewhere out there is a giant metal velociraptor, and it has your name on it.

I can't help thinking you're going to end up with some sort of mutant hybrid pepper now... which on the scale of hotness will be at the 'this seemed like a good idea after the fourth tequila' level of hotness.

If that happens, you really need to send some to the guy who writes Schlock Mercenary, Howard Tayler.

The look on Kevin's face is EPIC. But dude, who wouldn't walk out with that amazing catfish?!

sigh, that catfish puts my Wyvren and my Gnome army to shame.

I 'so' need a metal catfish! It would go in the front yard right next to where I'm planning on putting the zombie lawn gnomes and the glow-in-the-dark black flamingo.

Of course, it might get the HOA after me, but it would be worth the effort.

Edited at 2015-05-10 04:23 am (UTC)

Kevin doesn't seem to be as impressed with the awesome as you are.... ^.^

I love the look on Kevin's face! I love you, but really babe? REALLY?

That. Is. An. Amazing. Lawn Ornament. *applause*

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