UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Meanwhile, Kittens

The kittens are settling in well!

This is Cammy. The shelter named her "Eden" but it really didn't fit. She is ridiculously bold and fearless and cuddly.

This is Rose. Or, as I keep calling her, "Tiny Tortie." She is sporadically skittish (except when she isn't) but has taken to following me around and sleeping on my laptop bag while I work. In this photo, she became annoyed by my e-book formatting and decided to switch the screens around to help.

I have informed her repeatedly that she is Kevin's kitten. I have informed Kevin that she is Kevin's kitten. Neither of them appear to believe me. Kevin finds this funny. Sergei finds it all very disturbing because it is HIS job to lay on my laptop bag and now pins himself against me on the bed in hopes that I will protect him from the very upsetting kittens.

Despite her assistance, Bryony and Roses, the next T. Kingfisher novel, is formatted and off to the proofreaders and may soon see the light of day!

Question--I asked this on Twitter, but reports are mixed. I have never had a tortoiseshell around before. She is VERY...not talkative, exactly, (not like the Siamese, who is clearly demanding something from you) but she grumbles and grumps and makes disgruntled little mews constantly. It is like she is keeping up a running commentary.

I am skeptical of coat color actually being linked to personality--although every little orange male I have known has been a delight--but I keep reading about "tortitude." Anybody have any experience?
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