UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Garden Journal

Oh, what the heck. I couldn't do this daily, but occasionally to commemorate interesting moments...

And Lunabird points out that whatever I saw, it was probably not a badger because American Badgers are a western species.

I am now very confused, because I looked at it, went "thaaaaat's not a raccoon!" and filed it as badger because it looked exactly like the badgers I'm used to out west, and never stopped to think I was in the wrong part of the country.

The problem is that as far as these things go, there aren't many other options. I don't think I'm dense enough to have mis-ID'd a raccoon--I've seen hundreds of road-killed raccoons, and I particularly noted the lack of face mask--and it would also be the biggest raccoon I've ever seen.

Um. Leucistic silver beaver with odd face? Really strange squat dog? Absolutely not a grey fox nor a (very rare) armadillo.

I guess it is hypothetically possible that I saw a black bear cub with an odd coat, but giant oddly marked raccoon is almost more plausible.

Open to suggestions, but that one may go down as a mystery.
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