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Today, I had allergies.

It was poetic justice, really. I admit this. Even as I frolicked carelessly 'midst the pollen dripping pine trees, revelling in my allergy-free state, nose dry as the Sahara, sinuses so clear that you could see forever (or at least the short distance to the inside of my skull) I knew that I was living on borrowed time. I knew that the allergies would eventually strike, and when they struck, it would be with the approximate force of a locomotive laden with overweight anvils.

And today, they struck. And I went down for the count.

I clawed my way to the store and got Claritin, but other than that, I accomplished virtually nothing today beyond mailing a bunch of stuff. I was flattened. Driving was an effort. My eyes are dry, my nose is stuffed, I have reduced many innocent lengths of toilet paper to wretched rags of their former selves. I would have forced myself to hammer out a Digger, but Photoshop was gagging, and it becomes difficult to work when the time between sneezes/nose-blottings is actually less than the time it takes to sneeze/blot nose. It was not a good day.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better, if I can Claritin before the histamine reaction kicks in. Otherwise I'll--ha! Health insurance! I sing thy praises!--call the doctor and see if I can't get real meds. I have no idea what that'd be like.
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