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Meadow Rue & the Bee

Playing with fonts--that's "Little Bird" for the date. (I thought the numbers weren't...heading-y enough.)

Bees, man.

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Yesterday I saw a bumblebee trying to get into closed daisies until she flew off towards the cat mint. Bees can be very imprecise, but then Nature is like Homer Simpson on a building project. "Boy these bees do not have very good vision. ... Eh, good enough."

In my household, we often refer to evolution as "Nature's lowest-bidding contractor".

That fits pretty well with Homer Simpson, actually. I revise my image to evolution as Homer Simpson running a business for Nature. "Homer J. Simpson, you are a genius. Why put in 12 brain cells when 10 works nearly as well."

Out here in AZ, the desert willows are in full bloom right now along with the mesquite and palo verdes, and all the bees are stumbling from tree to tree like drunks on a 12-hour bar-crawl. It's really funny, I swear they're swerving as they fly.

Sweet dreams are made of ... BEES!

What gardener would disagree?

They travel the woad and through seven trees...

Every bee is lookin' for something...

Some of them want to cruise you,
Some of them want to cruise by you...

Song AND art. You have a great LJ. O:>

I love these. Thanks for making and posting them!

(I initially misread the plant name as "taciturn meadow rue.")

In fairness, I've never heard the rue complain...

Can't blame them, really. I also prefer to do my ruing in silence.

I could be wrong, but I thought worker bees (i.e. the sort who actually go to flowers) were all female, so shouldn't that bee be a "she?"

Bumblebees aren't quite like honeybees--the workers are fertile and lay male eggs--so any given bee isn't automatically female. That said, I'm not good enough to sex bumblebees, and this time of year it's probably female, unless I got the species wrong, in which case all bets are off.

Bumble bees are so aptly named. I wonder then what pollinator the meadow rue is designed for as it is so fragile? I

It's much sturdier early in the season--it's only when they get old that they drop. Any of the smaller bees or bee-flies wouldn't have a problem.

My dad always calls them "bundle-bees". He's been known to pet them, gently, with a fingertip. The more distracted ones, anyway...

It's funny how this reminds me a lot of a series of notebook pages I did for a RP character a while ago. I think I might even have used the same font at some point. :)
(Well, there's not much you can do with yellowed paper look, handwritten-ish text and natural drawings, but still. Funny. :)

Is it polite to ask about the process you are using to make these pages? They look so hand-written, and then you speak of a font, and I am confused...


She explained when she first started messing with these journal pages just before the trip to Africa, that this is not her handwriting. Almost all of the text on the journal page is typed using a font that mimics handwriting. Ursula's handwriting is barely legible and could be mistaken for graffiti in certain spots...

It's true. I've used it for graffiti in paintings before.

Totally fine! Multiple people are asking, though, so I'll do an explanation on the next one for ease having a place to point stuff.

What if bumble bees were like big cuddly dogs?

(from: https://twitter.com/selloutsociety/status/600017854897913856/photo/1 )

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