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A somewhat mosquito ridden paradise

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I should take a picture out the front at our wetlands. (There is, in fact, a law about messing with the wetlands. We can pull out dead trees that fall over, but that's about it -- AND I LOVE IT THAT WAY.)

Mind, I'm in New England, in a part where it goes "trees, trees, you are totally far from civilization, trees, OH HAI A TINY TOWN'S MAIN STREET!"

That sounds great. I'm really jealous.

I'm trying to build a house at the moment and not only are there rules for everything (how high your fence can be, what kind of slope your roof has to have, how the outside of the house has to look), when I mentioned to my mother that I wanted a garden in which I don't have to mow the lawn, the first thing she said was: "But the neighbours will complain about seeds beiing blown into their gardens!"

Sounds like a home-owner's association from heck. O:(

Dig a moat at night, fill it with alligators, and build a castle.

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