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Ebony Jewelwing

Tomorrow is the launch of my new self-published novel, Bryony & Roses, so you get a journal a page early so I don't get any more distracted than I will be already!

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Silly rabbit, logs are for stoves.

I can't tell if your chicken is recovering from the near heart attack the bunny gave it or is dramatically sympathizing.

Re: Silly rabbit, logs are for stoves.

The chicken could also be thinking, "Oh you poor, poor bunny. You're not going last long against the foxes if that is the top of your camouflage game."

The Story of the Bunny Who Pretended To Be a Log would be a good story.

Probably with a better title, though.

Oh! So that's what the black-winged dragonfly-ish thing we saw this weekend was!

Poor bunny. Worried chicken is worried.

On a technical note - what font do you use for the body text?

See her post here two posts ago where she explains the font choices and such.

Edited at 2015-05-19 01:10 pm (UTC)

Thanks, I missed that.

Edited at 2015-05-19 04:44 pm (UTC)

She's gonna need to tag that post with "font" or something. *chuckles sympathetically*

Oh dear. We have those bunnies around our place (right in Houston! but in a grassy, low-traffic suburb, at least), too -- in fact I have one who lives in the bush next to my A/C unit. He's very cute but, like your log-bun, his camouflage game could really use some work.

Rabbits' camouflage game boils down to, "Don't be the rabbit they see."

I'm really enjoying these brief garden stories.

I saw that bunny's cousin here, thousands of miles away. It bumped into a stone wall and stopped with that same look.

Better that than the bunny down the (window) well. I have a friend who has a momma bunny with questionable taste in birthing spots.

We have at least one rabbit warren in our neighborhood. Inevitably, there is now at least one fox in the vicinity, as well. They look very odd in their summer molt.

that bunny would be invisible to my dog.

he is not very good at seeing bunnies.

Silly bunny. Ours tend to freeze in the middle of the short grass above the driveway. They are no better camouflaged there than yours against the log.

I love Ebony Jewelwings. So dramatic!

awww, that bunny is so cute :)))) I love rabbits, they are so funny. And they are cleverer than some people would think...

Aww poor bunny was probably stunned.

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