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And that's a wrap!

tkingfisher.com now has links for all the platforms! (Except the Google one, because Draft2Digital doesn't do them yet.)

Bryony and Roses. It's a book. Yes. Thing.

*falls down*

As always, if you're interested in the hard sales numbers and whatnot, I keep a running thread on my self-pub career over here.

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Eek! Eek! Eek! That is super cool! I am totally going to peek at the book soon! Super thrilled for you!

Okie. Bought the Kindle edition. Gonna be pouring over it soooon!

Running off to snag the Kindle version now -- thank you!! <3

I loved the book. Halfway trough I was just as interested in the characters (as usual with your works) as with the mystery, which is "new". And then you sticked the landing so hard that.... something something russian judge something excellent (sorry, english-is-second-language + lack of sleep + self-conscious-I'm-talking-to-a-writer = nope-words-no-good)

The point is, I love this book, thanks for writing it.

Even the Russian judge was floored--literally--she gave it a 6.0 then slid to the floor, weeping? Something like that?

I bought the book as soon as I saw it was out. It will be my reward for finishing reading the Novella category in the Hugos. Because if I start it now I won't do anything *else*. :-)

Weirdly, I visited that thread, thought that forum looked very interesting, went to sign up... and found out I was already a member. I have zero memory of the place. Literally, none. It's kind of freaking me out.

Maybe that's the internet version of past lives?

I'm sure you've been told this many times, but... thank you for writing books with female protagonists who are practical and sensible (sometimes) and imperfect. I really wish I'd had these books as a teenager (though there were certainly a number who came close - The Enchanted Forest Chronicles' Morwen is irreplaceable), but I'm delighted to have them as an adult. The world is not always the nicest place to women who want to be smart and sensible and practical and perhaps a bit bossy, and on bad days, when the world grows teeth and gets particularly mean about how it would like its women to be, I am pretty grateful to have heroines like Bryony and Holly and Digger to turn to. (Also, I fully feel that every fairy tale princess should know not to put mint in the damn ground. That's just common sense.)

Always take extra handkerchiefs. *nodnodnod*

Morwen! I wanted to be Morwen when I grew up, but I'm too allergic to cats.

I have my shiny Nook version and read it at work today, thus taking over an hour of break time instead of my allowed 45 minutes. Sarcastic Beast for the win!

Morwen was my role model when I was 12. I desperately wanted to be a woman who others described as capable

Quarter of the way through…
"Bones of the Moon!" is a fantastic oath. I need to steal it.

I bought it last night and stayed up way too late reading it.

I am glad that it does the same spoiler thing as Rose Daughter.

But I like Bryony and your Beast better. Also the fact that it actually is months passing both in the manor and outside, because for some reason I could just never buy that the falling in love happens over the course of what Rose Daughter's Beauty perceives as seven days. Yup.

And yet another Ursula book that I can't read. Please let them be printed on real paper bound into book form. I hate reading on the various e-book devices. They come with too many strings from the DRM nazis.

Printing on real paper requires large up-front payments that are sometimes impractical for independent artists/writers. There is the print-on-demand route, of course, but without economies of scale, POD books tend (in my experience) to be significantly more expensive than mass market paperbacks. For reasons that are not clear to me they seem to also require re-formatting.

(A widget that turned e-books into POD format automatically would be mondo cool but as far as I know doesn't exist. Also some formatting issues might require a human eye and brain to solve; putting text on paper in a way that looks normal is not a zero-skill activity for reasons I don't understand well enough to explain.)

FWIW, many Amazon books now have no DRM. If that is the case here, the strings are significantly reduced.

The smashwords epub is DRM free, if that helps.

When I finally do get an e-reader, it will be largely so I can access your books.

Somehow my brain has decided that T. kingfisher's first name is Teresa, and then I can't find the books in the store! (Don't worry, I did find & purchase it.)

Your writing is wonderful.

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