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Meanwhile, Everything Is Blooming Simultaneously


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Oooo, strawberries! I wish we had strawberries... (The blackberries along the driveway haven't even flowered yet. *sniffle* Let alone the growing-wild grapes that smell just like that overpowering grape juice in the store.)

It is tempting to try to grow strawberries. So far I have only planted some wild ones in my foothills/montaine garden section. They are going nuts as a ground cover, but I doubt I ever see a berry on them. And if I do they will be the size of particularly puny peas.

Are you in an urban-ish area? If so you would need to build a giant cage to keep the tree rodents (squirrels) and birds from getting to strawberries before you.

We're in... Well, we're in New England, in one of the small ...I dunno if we're a town or a city. In the suburbs, which tends to mean that everything looks like trees till you turn and OMG A DEVELOPMENT. Plus we have a bunch of wetlands in front of our house (YAY!).

There are definitely a lot of squirrels around -- mostly gray now, but occasionally a red.

The birds eat all the cherries, the little wretches.

seriously, I love the chicken! Or Journal Hen, I guess. I look for her each time--like the 'Nina' in a Hirschfeld drawing, snerk!

And yes, the Iris is scary.

The Journal Hen! YAYYYY!

I have Iris lust, that looks GORGEOUS

Phantom Chicken luuuuuurves strawberries.

I want exploding strawberries. Sadly, I think the ones I planted this year have yet to hit the creeping stage, but it is nice to hear what might be looked forward to.

Also, these are the neatest garden journals. Makes me want to start cross-hatching little brackets on everything.

Marginally related -- I appear to have stumped all my other local gardening friends with this -- do you have any idea what this shrub is? I thought it was a camellia based on the leaves but then it flowered and it's clearly not.

There we go. And flower closeup:

The facebook consensus appears to finally be Chinese Privet and that I should get rid of it.

I'm not sure about that! Chinese Privit does not have pointed leaves.

However, you are obviously much further south than I am and you should get an authoritative ID from someone local.

I...guess it's possible that it's Chinese Privet. I don't have any firsthand experience with that one. But the leaves make me think Waxleaf Privet, which is the Japanese variety. Developers plant it all the time.

It'll reseed like crazy, so I'm not saying you shouldn't get rid of it, but the leaves are making me think Japanese, not Chinese.

It's still considered an invasive either way, right?

Mmm. It's non-native, prolific, and can be a nuisance, but can be legally sold in stores, so yes, really, but not yes, legally, if that makes sense!

And when you gaze long into an iris the iris also gazes into you.

Lovely strawberries, no wonder journal hen is happy!

That Iris looks like it is smiling in an Alienesque fashion.

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just finished reading toad stories. thank you for writing it.

Oh! Thank you for reading it!

(Deleted comment)
She does about thirty of these and we can start demand...bug...begging and pleading that Ursula's Garden Journal be a Thing. Letter campaigns to her agent! Email requests to Sofawolf! Or the company that's producing the Botswana Art Journal!

Um, that is, if Ursula is willing... *looks hopeful*

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