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Offren's Grounds

The Hidden Almanac is a weird little podcast Kevin & I do, and it has fictional advertisers. People keep asking for Hidden Almanac merch, and I'm working on it (in my copious spare time!) but did manage to cook up a vaguely Art Deco poster for St. Offren's Grounds, the coffee company named after the martyred patron saint of coffee.

You can even order a print
, if you are so inclined. I am tempted to make postcards or mini-prints or something for Anthrocon. I love Art Deco, but I never do anything in that particular style, so stuff like this doesn't come easily, but I had a lot of fun doing it.

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Love it! I think Offren was also one of the character's names in Handmaid's tale.

Offred, actually. Because all the women became property of the rich and powerful men after the plague hit, and her name literally meant "Of Fred," as in Fred's property. Good book, if scary in its implications.

Pretty poster. Is it coincidence that "offren" is Swedish for "the victims"?

That's lovely and very cohesive in style. It looks like something I'd see on a label or as a poster in a coffee shop.

Funny, when I first glanced at that graphic, I read it as "Ffren's." Which is a cool name in and of itself.

Yes, please do make some for Anthrocon! Bet they'd sell well! (I'D buy one!) Hope to see you there!

That did it...I had to have that poster.

Oh, and while I was there, I also picked up a Minor Demon. If that ever becomes a full series, I'll snap those up.

Actually, there were a few "this probably won't become a series..." sorts of things that made me think "damn...that SHOULD be a series. So, if they do, I'll toss more money your way. Or if they don't, I'll come pick up another thing or two every now and then.

(ps - Sorry for the John Kovalic reference, but...well...moral imperative and all)

Yes, you should definitely do that.

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