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Visit Scenic Ulthar

I am (very briefly) freed from illustration duty, and so I am burning through all the art I've been wanting to make for ages, and apparently that is manifesting as "Art Deco Travel Posters." (My booth at Anthrocon may look very weird this year...)

I am not good at Art Deco, which is probably why. As the great book Art & Fear pointed out, a technical challenge is not as good as an artistic one, but it'll do in a pinch. It takes awhile to get down to very simple, very clean shapes. Still working at it, not there yet.

I suspect I'll be doing a few more of these, perhaps for scenic Echo Harbor. For now, if you'd like to order one, we got 'em.

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For someone who is not very good at Art Deco, you are very good at Art Deco.

Oh, man. We may NEED this :D


This is wonderful, and the world would be a better place with happier people if there were more.

Not only do I really like it, but it actually perfectly suits a particular person I was trying to find a birthday gift for. So, that's settled!

I like it! Kicking my own ass to get some arting accomplished today...

Lovecraft's Dream quest series is among my favorites that he did. I want to go live in Ulthar!

I like the "Tea & Tourism" thing, that's a company that has its priorities right.

Do you like David Lance Goines? I find his pieces can seem more polished, even more iconic, than the original works that inspired them. (I guess that's a result of the process of refinement to the quintessential elements.)

Ha! I was going to say no, but then it turns out he did the label for my go-to wine!

This is very good indeed.

I think it's not exactly Art Deco. Not enough pastels, or frou-frou.

It kinda reminds me of Bulgakov (The Master and Margarita).

Glad you could make it, Ulthar.

I expect the journey is going to culminate at the dreamy Kadath?

I've seen actual art deco posters that didn't look that good.

*this* year?


Your booth is always interesting!

- Krin

Wow. I went from "never heard of it" to "must have it" in about 1.5 seconds.

These must become postcards. Pretty, pretty please?

It's a lovely poster though in true Deco the cat would be taller and thinner. The buildings in the background are perfect. Fonts are nice too.

MKK--I've looked at a lot of Deco

aaah! A Night In The Lonesome October! <3 <3 Which i have memorised i guess ...

(and it's extra funny that i remember that verbatim rather than H.P. Lovecraft but there you go!)

Edited at 2015-05-27 07:56 pm (UTC)

(My booth at Anthrocon may look very weird this year...)

"Very weird" as opposed to other years which were plain weird, darn weird, pretty darn weird, or merely sorta weird?

I like this one, and am excited by the potential for others. I have my fingers crossed for Y’ha-nthlei, but I'm sure other possibilities will be equally delightful.

Edited at 2015-05-27 08:28 pm (UTC)

Just ordered it. Love it.

It's the Brave Little Black Cat! This is very pretty.

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