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Visit Echo Harbor

Went a little more "classic travel poster" than strict Art Deco with this one. Probably too much detail on the wicker man to be Art Deco, but it's hard to do a wicker man without squiggly bits. Echo Harbor is, of course, one of the towns in the Hidden Almanac podcast. It is the weird sinister town where bad things happen. The tourism board would like you to overlook this.

You have to get up really close to see the human sacrifices.

...There's a phrase I don't type every day.

If you'd like to have such a thing in your home, you may be weird, but I will enable that!

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Corn! Apples! Human sacrifice! Try our cider!

Have a wonderful birthday!

That is genuinely creepy. Happy birthday! :)

Now I am wondering what your travel agent looks like...
Happy Birthday!

"You have to get up really close to see the human sacrifices. "

So of course I zoomed in and sure enough, there were the human sacrifices. I always love your Red Wombat posters and labels.

...I would not have even noticed the human sacrifices if you hadn't mentioned them. Thanks (I think).

Happy Birthday!

p@ (a deep bow with a flourish),

I love the little creepy addition of the human sacrifices. Love it!

Hippo Birdies two Ewes

And many returns of the day!

(I wonder what that means)

; -)

They're all voluntary sacrifices, I'm sure.

It was on this day, in the Year of the Mushy Walnuts, that a successful artist living in the town of Echo Harbor vanished. Several prominent citizens were reported as having wished happy birthday to the artist immediately prior to a flock of giant seagulls swarming the poor woman and carrying her off.

As a Witch, I have serious issues with Wicker Man. It is still a lovely poster.

Many Happy Returns of the Day!

Well, the movie was godawful. But I still think giant wicker men are pretty awesome, as your average flammable effigy goes.

The one with Christopher Lee was actually pretty awesome in a Hammer films kind of way. I have heard rumors of a version with Nicolas Cage, but I refuse to believe it exists.

oh, it exists and that was the one I saw. As a worshipper of nature deities, I take exception at human sacrifice. Blood sacrifice, in the right situation and with the right blood, is very powerful. You don't need to kill a human, or a goat or a chicken for blood sacrifices.

But I am aware that in reality, way back when, human sacrifice was a Thing. It would be nicer if it was voluntary, but I somehow doubt that.

Average flammable effigies, yes. They are stunning. Wicker goes up so damned fast, it's AMAZING. I don't like the sacrificing humans part. One of the many things certain strains of paganism shared with Catholicism and a big reason why I'm not any of those. (ex Catholic)

Happy Birthday!

Wishing you cake and all good things!

Birthday! Happy! One Each!

Happy birthday to a fellow Gemini! (Mine was on the 26th.)

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