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Peak Metal

Saw Mad Max: Fury Road.

We have attained Peak Metal. There is no more metal left in the universe. Nordic death metal bands are feeling a strange urge to go home and write folk music for acoustic guitar. Stops were pulled out, and then new stops invented for the express purpose of pulling.

Also, I think the character designers may have eaten Brom's brain. Someone should probably check on him.

There reached a point--I think somewhere around the bikers throwing grenades (and if that is a spoiler then seriously, do you not know what this movie is about?!)--that Kevin and I began laughing helplessly and this continued with occasional punctuation throughout the rest of the film, which is basically a two and a half hour car chase with brief pauses to go "Hey! Character designs? Did you see them? No, look again, they're pretty bad-ass. And now, we're gonna blow up this thing over here!"

It surprised me in a couple of places. This already puts it ahead of Age of Ultron.

I do not know if this movie would work without the background of the other Mad Max movies behind it. But as they ran all the trailers before it--Terminator Fifty-Bizillion and Jurassic World--which are trying desperately to go back to other movies that were good and I sat there being deeply unimpressed*--and then THIS and it was like "Goddamn, this is a genuine Mad Max movie only with a budget to back it up!"** and that may be where so many desperate modern attempts to recreate movies are failing because you cannot go home again, so we will just do a movie with a plot that is basically the last half of Watership Down only with metal instead of rabbits and Charlize Theron is Bigwig and okay maybe it wasn't actually that close to the plot but goddamn, that would be an amazing movie, someone go film that right now.

In conclusion, in lieu of a rating, I am just going to throw the goat a few times. That is all.

*I want to care about Jurassic World, really I do, but I kinda don't. Kevin is all "It's Starlord with a pack of raptors!" and I'm like "Starlord kinda seemed like a douche. I was watching for the Destroyer and Groot." And the dinosaurs are the wrong scale and "Oooh, we made an EVEN BIGGER T-REX!" and I'm going "Why would you bother? It's not like you can make the camera any bigger. Once you've filled the whole camera, there is a point of diminishing returns." I mean, the raptors did look cool. Everybody loves a raptor. Even if they should be feathered like turkeys.

**And without the bits that were so obviously Eighties.

And Charlize Theron wasn't old enough for the part in the 80's, and everything is better with her in it. In fact in many movies she's the only good thing. (Looking at you, Snow White.)

I was watching "Snow White and the Huntsman" and thinking "in what universe is this Snow White prettier than this Queen?"

I never saw the other Mad Max movies and it holds up just fine. Do you really need context for a flamethrower guitar?

Everything I hear about those twomovies makes me wanna see Mad Max more and AoU less.

AoU was kind of... unimpressive. And I like the Avengers movie franchise....

seriously, the first time I saw a wild turkey, it was down the road a bit (I was on my bicycle) and I swear the only thing I could think of was 'it looks like a raptor'.

PEAK METAL. YES. *cackle*

Nailed it in one. I loved it so hard.

I've only seen dribs and drabs of any of the original movies, and those only decades ago, but I absolutely loved Fury Road.

so we will just do a movie with a plot that is basically the last half of Watership Down only with metal instead of rabbits


I presume that you, as an author, have heard Watership Down described as "the Aeneid with rabbits?"

As far as Jurassic World goes, I have told my friends, "If they have a surprise feathered raptor in the movie, tell me and I will go see it." But then, I'm a geologist, I'm kind of contractually obligated -- both to go see it if they do pull a feathered raptor out of their ass, and to gripe if they don't. ^_^

(Starlord was definitely a douche but I get the impression that Chris Pratt is not, and therefore depending on the writing, Motorcycle Raptor Gang Chris Pratt may be a reasonably bearable white action lead. But yeah, I watched GOTG for Zoe Saldana and Rocket+Groot. :D)

As to Fury Road, I'm pretty sure it'll trigger the fuck out of me and therefore I am not going to see it until it's on DVD and I can watch it with a friend who can fast-forward things if necessary. But it does sound awesome and I'm glad so many people are enjoying it.

Which parts do you think will trigger you? Apart from the actual violence it's actually pretty restrained on the whole 'grimdark' front.

I've seen Fury Road twice and I love the flaming guitarist SO HARD!!

TBH I got quite bored in the middle of Age of Ultron with all the endless gratuitous action. At least there was a point to it in MMFR and even better it was done with STYLE and filmed with great cinematography.

MMFR was described as high camp in one review and there were elements of that, I never got the feeling it took itself too seriously.

It is artistic, pretty, demented and insane yet works so beautifully we forgive it's flaws.

FWIW I saw the original when it first came out but hardly remember it.

I was actually thinking about the action in Fury Road because I often find myself bored if an action scene goes on too long, but Mad Max, despite being largely a big action sequence, punctuated things just right to keep me engaged.

I actually enjoyed this more than all the earlier films in the series because it made the characters human, and the worldbuilding was glorious. It even out-spectacled the Road Warrior (film 2) which I previously enjoyed but can't watch now because Mel Gibson keeps intruding on the story what with his being a horrible human.

But yes: this is how you do a powerful film via Show Don't Tell.

On a related note, I would be So There for letting George Miller do a remake of Watership Down. He directed both Babe movies and the Happy Feet series, and the dude made this movie. He's got the chops, and could personally retraumatise several generations of parents at the same time as freshly traumatising kids too young to have seen the previous version...

As an aside, there's some mad sods in China who've tinkered with the chicken genome, and reverse engineered it so instead of a beak, it had a raptor like snout with teeth [it's not even too hard, stop expression on two gene's and it sort of reverts to an earlier back-up copy.]

I hope they don't do it to a turkey or an ostrich, otherwise it's game over.

Damn, I have watched my tom turkeys go to town on a rooster that moved in. It wasn't pretty. And that was without them having teeth.

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This is hands down the most hilarious thing to come out of Mad Max: http://www.amazon.com/Wilton-710-5521-Silver-Color-Mist/dp/B005KTVG86

Even if it has no other impact, this is worth it.

"What a spray. What a lovely spray!"

Completely off topic-- I just wanted to mention that I got Castle Hangnail as a birthday present on Tuesday and finished it yesterday. It's absolutely wonderful! I wish my twelve year old would take book recommendations from me so I could share it with somebody (of course, she's into dystopias and urban fantasy and angst, angst, angst, so I don't know if she'd appreciate it properly).

Anyway, thank you so much for writing it! It was exactly what I needed this week.