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Garden Journal May 30

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Very nice sketch of the Carolina allspice.
And I love the frazzled chicken with the stick of dynamite.

Over on tumblr, someone asked you about a bird that calls "cheeseburger-cheeseburger-cheeseburger-cheep!" and, as I don't have a tumblr and thus couldn't leave any kind of comment there: this might be the mating call of the black-capped chickadee. (The ones in my neighbourhood often draw out the "cheeeese".)

Hurray for Garden Hen! Heh, I LOVE your garden posts simply because out here in Drought-ridden CA we don't get to see enough green, not by a long shot.

Entirely you should give us garden journal pages whenever you can. :)

He regretfully informed me that dynamite would not be efficient...


Thank you so much for this. My garden is on heathland - three inches of sand, and beneath that the gravel pan *boinging sound of fork bouncing off the gravel pan* - and I have often contemplated gardening with high explosive...

damn, when a demo expert tells you that...

I feel your pain. I live in a Pine Barrens biome.

Have you tried straw bale gardening? I would but the home-owner put his foot down and confined most of my gardening to raised beds and 5+ gallon pots.

I'd not come across that - thanks!

Now I'm wondering whether I could squeeze in a couple of bales out back...

I would buy a bound book of these.

There are times when I am tempted to garden with explosives, or at least with flamethrowers. There are some very stubborn and persistent weeds that resist all attempts to dig them up with all the tenacity of a vampire leech.

Edited at 2015-05-31 04:32 pm (UTC)

I have a gardener friend who decided to condition a 4x8 foot patch of clay because she wanted a flower bed there.

Step 1: spade the heck out of it and go as deep as you can. Step 2A: buy enough bags of peat moss to cover the area without actually opening the bags. Step 2B: open said bags and distribute the peat moss. Step 3: Add an inch or two of compost over the whole area. Step 4: rototiller it multiple times until and even texture has been achieved. Step 5: plant something stubborn in it.

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