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The Bull Moose Men

Working on T-shirts through RedBubble, and a "Running of the Bull Moose Men" design.

I have too much fun with my fictional worlds...

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My grandfather was active in the American Legion, the VFW, and the Polish League of American Veterans (entry criteria "must be Polish", defined as "have kissed a Polish girl", and on the off chance someone was deficient in this area, they even had a volunteer 'Polish girl' in the form of the quite substantial sixty-something woman named 'Marge' who tended bar) for one main reason: nickel poker night.

I mean, sure, "Family, Fraternity, and Pancakes" are all important, but never forget the real purpose: going out to drink beer and play cards with the guys.

Just to alliterate, maybe 'FLAPJACKS' in place of 'PANCAKES'? :)

This only possible suggestion that could have improved this design. I salute you.

Also, what about swapping family and fraternity? Having the shortest word in the middle would make it more symmetrical: fraternity - family - flapjacks

Oh, hmm, so it would. I think it's because "family-fraternity-X" SOUNDS better when read, so I automatically put it first. May tweak.

I do advertising graphic design for a living. Balancing what SOUNDS good with what LOOKS good is aaaaalways tricky! But fun!

I'm torn. I love alliteration, but using 'Pancakes' is an unexpected jerk. It's the same joke as "Inky, Blinky, Pinkie, and Clyde".

I am so glad this is becoming a thing. Thank you for having so much fun and putting in so much work. :D

Very silly.
Thumbs up!

Now you're reminding me of that series of whimsical novels set in Maine, about the Moosepath League.

Ooh, if you're doing tshirts of your work again, is there any chance Balthazar Disdains the Lemon shirts might be had? I ordered ons waaaay back when you had a "any print you want on a shirt" thing going for a little while (I think they were printed by a friend of yours?), and wore it until it turned to rags, and still refuse to throw those out, cause that was my favourite shirt ever, damnit.

Anything-by-Ursula-on-a-tshirt was run by ellenmillion, who sadly no longer makes t-shirts. I am busy wearing holes in my Two Little Grindylows (among other shirts from that event).

More Ursula t-shirt (and card, and ...) options would be lovely.

Lovely hostess, ignore the suggestions to change it. It is PERFECT! And as soon as I get paid, I'm getting one for my husband. Not only will it make his birthday, it will make all his lodge brothers blue* with envy.

*They are part of the Blue Nile masons, so it can't be green.

edit: no more typing before coffee....

Edited at 2015-06-02 02:49 pm (UTC)

Is there any chance of availability by Father's Day? I know some people who need this.

That's beautiful, but when are we getting the "Sad Puppies of Gor" shirts?

I WANT THAT. Like at least three of those. Just to wear them in school to discomfort my colleagues and students.

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