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My nurse practicioner gazed at my weird little spots with deep suspicion, at my tick bites near it with even deeper suspicion, and at the other tick bite with the big irregular red welt around it with extreme suspicion.

(She started off with "Did you see a tick?" and I started laughing. This is a new NP, only been seeing her for about six months after my old one left the practice. She is learning, though.)

After a brief discussion of my life with tick-kind, she snorted and canceled the titers. "All that will tell us is whether you've been exposed to Lyme or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever at some point in your life. And I can pretty much guarantee you have been, with that history, so that's not going to tell us anything new--and even if it came back negative, I'd STILL put you on Doxycycline. We'll save you money, time and blood and just assume the tick gave you SOMETHING."

Which I am inclined to agree with. There are so many different tick diseases out there--I'm not presenting as either of the two big ones, but they keep finding exciting new varieties--so I get the mega-antibiotic run to blast it all out of my system.

Fortunately I feel fine, and apparently the new diet has dropped off about five pounds, which is awesome and unexpected. (It might be technically more, since the last time I was in, I hadn't eaten in three days owing to norovirus, and I had a big breakfast before I went in today. I don't actually keep a scale at home because it just makes me unhappy, so I haven't been tracking it, but good to know that it's getting results!)

Anyway, I get three weeks of juggling dairy and antibiotics, which is always a delight. But at least I do not appear to be dying at this exact moment.

Congratulations on being not-dying at this precise moment!

I also don't keep a scale at home because it makes me unhappy. Go team eliminating-unhappiness!

Huzzah, you are not dead!

I also promise I did not handle any leprous armadillos! I have been promising this since Sunday!

...did you handle any non-leprous ones?

Remember sunscreen! When they warned me about Doxy causing sunburn, they weren't kidding. Learned that the hard way.

I learned the hard way too, but I had two layers of sunscreen on. It didn't help. Doxy can cook you from the inside out; it reacts to sunlight and actually heats up. I roasted and blistered. It felt like no sunburn I've ever had (and I'm super-pale; I've burned many times). Afterwards, it was like stinging prickles of fire every time the sun touched me even for a moment, and that lovely effect lasted until the doxy was completely out of my system.

I burned under my fingernails. That was really unpleasant, especially some months later when they started coming up from the nailbeds. Ewwww.

Still, roasting and burning was about a million times better than I had felt before I got the scrip filled... :/ Lyme *sucks*.

Please to be continuing to not be dead!

Also, good luck with the antibiotics and such!

can I have the name of your Dr for when I get to NC this year?
Tested positive for Lymes in December here in NJ? So I ask OK which pharmacy did you send the doxy scrip to?
None...they didn't think it was needed cause it wasn't majorly positive

Still can't find a Dr that will listen to me about it all

Hope you feel better soon!

Jesus Murphy!

I'm at Triangle Family Practice on Ridgeview in Cary. Far as I know they are still taking patients.

Hope all goes well and that you have a speedy recovery.


Gah! Ticks!

Do permethrin treated clothes do anything for you? They were recommended to me (New England) for all outdoor stuff, and they do seem to help so far.

I'd have to treat so much. Honestly, the thing that works the best for me is the exact opposite of everything anybody recommends--EXCEPT the one biologist from North Carolina who wrote a book on botany I read last year.

I wear shorts.

Unless I've shaved my legs five minutes prior, the tick will move a leg hair as it climbs and I feel it and pull it off. (If I haven't shaved in a day or two, I feel it INSTANTLY.) If I didn't shave my legs at all, apparently this would be super effective, but it still works pretty well.

The big problem for me is that the little buggers get inside my jeans and I am not comfortable stripping naked in the yard five or ten times a day. The shorts work wonders and I only have worry about ones dropping from above.

Man, you are just having a heck of a week, yeah? Good and bad but not at all indifferent.

I'm glad to hear that the bad things are better than they might have been. Good luck! (And belated happy birthday!)

That's becoming the standard, I've learned. I work a walk in clinic sometimes and EVERYONE who comes in with a confirmed tick bite, even without the tick, is promptly put on antibiotics. We had New Parents come in once. They couldn't get the head out and the mother was crying. We assured her she did the Right Thing, the nurses assured her she did the Right Thing and after they were in a room I looked at my coworker and said "Ah, new parents. Aren't they cute?" and she smiled and nodded. You're very fortunate, Ursula, that you will not have to suffer that phase.

your fury road subject lines fill me with such beautiful, shiny happiness :')

hooray for being not-dead!

Reason I am glad I live in the Bay Area and not in the Midwest anymore #463 I had a tick ONCE and it freaked me out. I don't understand how you deal with ectoparasites without going all Warhammer 40k on the area. (Then again, that's one reason I work with livestock, and mostly in-lab work with that. Virtual cows don't get ticks)

I'd say why not just cut out the dairy for a few weeks while you're taking the antibiotics? You do know it's possible to live without dairy, don't you? (Actually, when I first cut out dairy, I dropped a lot of weight—hint, hint. Dairy is designed for baby calves to put on weight quickly, and it even contains a drug—casomorphin—to prevent the calves from rejecting their mother's milk.)

Re: Well, you know…

I dropped a lot of weight—hint, hint

Over in my part of the world, that is a not terribly polite thing to say, even (or maybe especially) to someone who mentions weight loss as a goal.

I have a reference post on helpful dairy substitutes if that might be useful to you in the next three weeks. I hope the antibiotics help!

If you feel like talking about the diet, I'd love to hear about it. I'm always on the lookout for something with confirmed results. :)

Ditto. I've had great success with low carb high fat, and have been boring people about it.

(Deleted comment)