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Blue Dragon Coffee

I am waiting on word back on edits on the next Hamster book before I can start drawing it, so I have a brief window to work on my own stuff. I can do anything! ANYTHING!

...and apparently I want to do advertising posters for fake products. Because reasons.

We have prints!

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There is simply not enough awesome false advertising in the world. Thank you for doing your part to remedy that.

Do you know other artists on deviantart who do advertisments for stuff that doesn't exist? I'd like to put together a feature... Got your TimeKeeper 2000, and 2 more from 2 different artist including myself, and I might include something from the Solar System Travel Posters by Ron Guyatt... and while our esteemed hostess's advertisments are really awesome, a feature consisting of 90% one artist's stuff with 3 or 4 others thrown in would be weird @_@

Ooh, very nice!

I find myself wishing for prints of this on stickers, to slap on my coffee bags. :) I vaguely wonder what it would take to convince a small roaster to ask you about licensing options. ;)

Is it a Jamaican Blue Dragon?

(I knew a guy who swore that Jamaican Blue Mountain was as close to perfection as coffee beans could get.)

I was a barista in college and I can second the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee perfection. OMGS so good!

I want a Blue Dragon Coffee shirt!

Love it! The two horns make me think of a Kyrin.

Hmmmm..... Have you ever done art of a Bearded Dragon? With your love for the more unusual critters of the world, I'd think they'd be perfect; just curious.

I can see how I'm going to decorate the kitchen in my new home.


Could you imagine running bigger prints some time? Or is it limited by technology? I direly need something bigger for my living room wall...

Any chance of collecting these as a calendar?


I would so buy that coffee. Advertising success.

I forced my husband to buy the Sumatran Dragon coffee from $tarbuck$ just to get the dragon picture. I would buy this for myself!

I still have some of your tea tins... there may even be a few bags left in one!

You had BETTER have prints of THESE at AC!

Or ... or I'll ... I'll stamp my foot and whinge pathetically. And we don't want that, now do we?

I shall! In fact, I am attempting to get a jumbo metal sign-like print made for the art show, although it is quite expensive and I am waiting on the prototype.

The eyes are great.

I'm also imagining the dragon curled up, possessively, on an enormous pile of golden hued coffee beans.

I have this sudden urge to start a coffee shop.

Again with the making of the stuff that I must have. You artist-who-I-must-now-throw-money-at person you!!

Well once you have collected your hoard, what else do you do with it? Blue Dragon Coffee for when you are flying on the red eye.

I want this to exist. Sooo very much!

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