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Garden Journal June 4th

(If anybody can ID that bee, I'd be grateful!)

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Your garden journal pages make me very happy, the more so since I am such a poor gardener myself.

Maybe the president's plan to help the Monarchs will eventually bring them to places they haven't been for years. See http://www.motherjones.com/blue-marble/2015/05/whats-deal-obamas-plan-save-monarch-butterflys-epic-migration

Glad you planted the milkweed just in case.


I know that bee! Her name is Georgia!

I was going to saw it was Frank, but he has always strongly resembled Cousin Georgia!

Do you, perhaps, have some less pretty pictures of the bee? It would be great for ID to see abdomen stripes (if any). Just doing a search on white thorax bee I came up with Xylocopa virginica, the eastern or large carpenter bee. Did it have a bald spot between the wings? Picture of a male http://bugguide.net/node/view/16660
It is reported in your area.

*amused* I'm very slowly listening to back episodes of KUEC, and I just got to the one about monarchs and milkweed and Assassin Bugs the other day. It's kind of cool to see the eventual result of the milkweed you remarked on planting back then. :D

*cheers the journal*

*giggles at Awkward*

Ugh, carpenter bees are evil.

So... do the bumblebees get to keep the compost heap? Or are you going to fight them for it? ^_^;

the bee looks kinda bumbly to me, bu what do I know? I'm on the wrong coast. And not one but TWO appearances of the Garden Hen! I may do a chicken dance of joy!

There are fish crows and regular crows in our area, too. I wonder if they mock each others' accents. Knowing corvidae, probably.

I wonder if assassin bugs have an Assassin Bug Guild...

My mental image of Milkweed Assassin Bugs include ninja throwing-stars and a squinty-eyed stare.

Thinking of crow calls...

There is a crow in our neighborhood who seems to imitate a woodpecker.

I do not know if it's a usual sound I've just never heard them making, if they are imitative more often than I know, or if we have a really weird local crow.

All I know is I like looking around when I hear a woodpecker to see if I can spot it, and one day my partner and I were both using aural location to say, no, it must be right over... there... where there is just a crow sitting on a power line. It then opened its beak again and moved its head, beak open, in time with the knock-knock-knock-knock-knock sound.

I thought the other crows were looking at it funny. I was probably making up that part. But they were definitely looking at it.

I'm just here to cheer the Garden Hen (thx cincoflex) in her efforts to hold up the oak leaf hydrangeas. Go Chicken!

So if Elvis reincarnated as a bird.. it would go uh- huh? I now have a very mental image of a fish crow in an Elvis outfit. That combined with the assassin bugs conjures up a very different Garden journal page and makes me wish I had a tenth of your talent to try to draw Elvis fish crow and the Assassin bugs (the most lethal backing group ever!).

Well, for heaven's sake, *somebody* needs to draw this now. :)

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