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Nebulas & Skipper

Off to Nebula Weekend, to hopefully lose with grace!

Meanwhile, I am ridiculously happy about this photo of a skipper on a coneflower, even if I did take it with my phone.

Wow how gorgeous. Hope you have a wonderful Nebula weekend and if you lose (which I'm hoping you won't) I know you will do it admirably. Best of luck.


That is gorgeous! Phone cameras are quite good nowadays aren't they. I would have never guessed if you hadn't mentioned it.
Have a lovely weekend.

Wow. Nice shot. And with a phone.

Good luck at the Nebulas.

Gorgeous, beautifully detailed photo! Now, go forth and attend for the LOLs.

(Deleted comment)
Beautiful flower, awesome moth critter ... looks also like it could be a just out of cocoon Hawkmoth. (Interesting crab spider hanging out half under the cone.)

Lots going on in your garden!

And, yes, best of luck on the Nebulas --- win or no win, hope you have fun.

Be prepared also to win gracefully. "Fuck, I won a Hugo!" has already been done.

It's a nice photo, and the quality requires no apology.

That is a lovely picture, you have a good camera phone.

If Sarah monette is there, please feel free to squee over Goblin Emperor on all of our behalf!

Oh goodness yes! Amazing book! I forced our librarian at school to buy it for the kids!

Nice picture!
Network and have fun, no matter what happens!

Lovely photo! I have a particular though inexplicable fondness for skippers. I'm terrible at identifying them, though. I can confidently ID the silver-spotted skipper, and the rest of the ones I've seen are small, orange-and-brown, and very good at not holding still for long enough for me to get a good look.

Lovely photo!

Regarding Nebula weekend, I wish you maximal fun, minimal stress, and no need to involve emergency personnel.

Did everyone miss the creepy spider-thingy at the bottom of the coneflower's center? Yeesh...

I was wondering the same thing. Creeeeeeepy. *shudder* I'm about to go to bed. I don't need that.


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