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Slice of Life: Garden Art Division

This is my new giant brightly colored metal T-rex. You ever want some excitement, drive home with one of those in the bed of the truck.

Kevin is the best and if anyone says otherwise, I will fight you.

If you mechanized it, you could have your brightly colored robot T-rex fight for Kevin on your behalf. :)

Somewhere, a metal-creature creator knows you well...

And today, that metal-creature creator is cackling maniacally while pondering just what metal creature to make next!

I just added more solar lights to my yard..

Now to repaint the purple flamingos.

Maybe you'll start getting parade invitations!

Giant metal chicken
Giant metal fish
Giant metal dinosaur

I'm sensing a pattern.

That statue was made for your garden! I'm glad it found you.

of course he's the best! Who else would be concerned enough with the welfare of a metal t-rex than to check its safety belt, right?

I am tempted to say otherwise, if only to get to meet you for a sparring match.

But it is blindingly obvious Kevin is the Best for you and only you, so we'll leave it at that.


I miss MY Kevin.

Well... nobody is ever going to have any problems finding your place.

How do I acquire a giant metal T-rex? I'm sure one would fit on my apartment patio if I shove the tomatoes over.

EDinosaur's more colourful cousin. Now all you need is a flock of flamingoes fleeing in terror.

I'm imagining a dismembered lawn gnome dangling from its jaws.

OMG. I want a giant metal velociraptor. It would be so amazingly brilliant in front of the ultra-modern condo where I live, and we have full control over our garden so NO ONE COULD OBJECT.

I'm hoping for a big, colorful, metal giraffe next.

Then a big, colorful, metal librarian. With flamethrower.

I second the vote for the librarian!

I'm so jealous! I want one!