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It's Hot

It's gonna be over a hundred today and the heat index is a number so ungodly that we're trying to pretend it's not really a thing.

The garden is wilted and sort of horrible looking, as one might expect. The soaker hoses run. I've lost all the Brandywines, though I am pleased to report that the Arkansas Traveler tomato is trucking right along. I handwater Kevin's peppers.

The squash vines are devouring everything. I better get some squash out of this. I've had years where the squash vines ate the world and then I'd get one measly squash out of it, and the borers would destroy them all.

So, yeah. Hot.

In kitten news, Tiny Orange is adorable, but not the sharpest squash in the drawer. Tiny Tortie is smarter. She also continues to follow me around, often disgruntled that I am moving around the house, thereby forcing her to get up. I tell her that it's okay, I'll be right back, but no. I might fall through a portal into a post-apocalyptic fantasy universe! Tortie must follow bravely!

Beagle continues to be ancient, Sergei continues to be aloof with occasional cuddling, Emily is astonishingly still alive and has gained weight back, despite the fact that her kidneys are ridiculously shot, and they don't make anything crunchy that's paleo, except pork rinds and I hate pork rinds. I am finding that I can handle all the rest, but the lack of crunchy thing is killing me. I have eaten more carrots than God. (I don't know how many carrots God has eaten.)

...and here's Tortie to lie on my desk, so I should probably get to work.

Glad to hear that Emily is doing better, even if your garden isn't. I sent you an email a while back about how a friend of a friend helped her cats with kidney issues. I don't know if you ever received it, or if it would help, but I wanted to share the information just in case. If you didn't get it and want the information, just let me know. :-)

Kale chips? Crunchy and Paleo!

Also, if you haven't looked at the website/joined the support group, Tanya's CKD is a most wonderful and informative place: http://www.felinecrf.org/ I credit all the info I got there with helping my precious Casey-cat to survive happily with CKD for 4 years post-diagnosis.

My Feline Elder Citizen has made an amazing bounce-back which I credit largely to the awesome safe-food-lists on felinecrf.org, and their info on giving at-home subcutaneous fluids has been really useful, too.

She's still lost 75% of her kidney function, which can't be regained -- but her energy, weight, appetite, quality of life, and overall well-being have improved immensely :)

Would a food dehydrator help with the crunch deficiency?

(BTW, when originally reading the post, I was briefly confused as to why Emily was on the paleo diet and why on Earth anyone would give pork rinds to a cat, heh.)

-- A <3

I sent this to the KUEC email, but since you mentioned it again, I'll post it here in case anyone else is interested also.

You can make chips out of pepperoni and thin pieces of salami by nuking them on a paper towel in the microwave for about 30 seconds.

And don't forget parmesan crackers! Grate a crapton of parmesan into a bunch of circle shapes (on a nonstick pan or parchment paper or something), and bake. The cheese will melt into each other but weirdly, not spread out, so it becomes a cheese wafer thing when cooled. Pretty awesome stuff.

I'm a year or two back in the KUEC archives, I just listened to "The Paleo Episode" last week, and I find it irrationally amusing that you are now eating paleo. ^_^

There is no point to this comment. XD

Well done bacon can be crunchy.

I recall seeing little puffs of shrimp or similar fish in Asian restaurants and shops before. They come looking like chiclets but when you deep fry them they puff up like popcorn or pork rinds.

I don't eat fish, so I have never tried them, but others I have dined with have enjoyed them.

I'm pretty sure the shrimp chips are mostly rice flour.

I describe them as looking like translucent plastic before they are cooked, and like Styrofoam afterward. I love them!

Are you eating the awful pork rinds that are all fluffy and hollow or the chicharrones ones with the tasty melty bits attached? The local Super 88 used to have these amazing salt and vinegar and garlic chicharrones by Tito Als that were the highlight of our visit. The spicy ones were good too. Plain pork rinds are pretty gross though.

sweet potato chips are paleo, and tasty. I'll also second the cheese crisps.

Tiny Tortie FTW!

We're in the same boat with the squashes. I have all the flowers. Now to see if I get any fruit...

(Deleted comment)
Peanut butter goes good on celery, yes.

My wiseacre paleoish-eating husband suggests "Bones? Beetles? Turtles?" for crunchy.

"It's gonna be over a hundred today..."

::Stares at you mutely from Boston, where we have not even made it to shorts weather this year::

Re: "It's gonna be over a hundred today..."

No, we did. It was a month and a half ago, when we were supposed to be having spring. And it was pretty warm last week, too.

A friend of mine thinks all ginger cats are slightly weak in the head, which I would resent on behalf of my orange boy if he were not, in fact, a bit of a doofus. A _sweet_ doofus, but.....

and aren't you relieved that if you do fall through a portal to a post-apocalyptic fantasy universe, you will have Tiny Tortie there to protect you? (because torties can be _fierce_. And opinionated. I'm sure that is a post-apocalyptic survival asset.)

Something that I do for my grey tabby "manager"

I leave the bathroom sink faucet going at a trickle as well as having at least a couple of tins of "gooshy food" ready to open (I moisten the food with a plant mister occasionally so it doesn't dry out) so that She gets a bit more water and the sink is cool (just in case the HVAC system breaks down.)

She also enjoys AC (which I don't mind myself unless I'm soaked to the skin, which happened Saturday Caturday night.) She repaid me by acting as my spa service/miniature electric blanket w/ automatic relaxing vibrations system.

I'm going to be looking forward to as many updates that you can post, otherwise I'm naming a few grey hairs in your honors.