UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Poor Life Choices

But Ursula, you say (O sensible and mostly fictional person who asks me these questions) why would you wait until two weeks before Anthrocon to decide to completely overhaul your table display?

The answer is simple.


Many, many brave souls have foundered on those shoals. If we are extending the metaphor past all good taste, I am at the point where I am standing atop those poor souls and perhaps eating bits of the less runny ones, before I, too, fall and join them.

True, I had to choose between adorable country handicraft and vintage steamer chest and self-consciously steampunk and no, I didn't happen to have a 16th century Chinese medicine chest lying around that conveniently functions as a card display. And I flatly refuse to engage in any display building that would require "antiquing," either in the "go looking for antiques" sense or the "put a distressed paint finish on a thing" sense.

Also, it is much too late to get merch made. And I don't want to get into the merch business anyway. I have postcards, prints, mini-prints, jumbo prints, pins and books. Perhaps I will even make teeny weeny originals with concerned chickens and sell them cheaply. I am a concerned chicken machine.

I have chalkboard paint, the complete discography of Tom Waits, a flat surface and an afternoon. Let's do this thing.
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