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No, Really

...I wouldn't get your hopes up about the confused chicken originals, people. Here's what we're talking about:

They're basically ACEOs (except for a few where I get funky, like the triptych ACEO above) so 2.5 x 3.5, made from random stamps and paint I have lying around the studio with random quotes and drawings of chickens or small worried birds. I don't know what to charge for them--$20 seems high, so maybe $15, I dunno.

These are not high art.

I'd pay $30 (with shipping) for the red triptych, so I bet you could sell hundreds of these.
so if you don't have hundreds, maybe $35-45 might be better.
just some unsolicited advice.

also, if you do have hundreds, you should totally sort them into a "tarot" deck & sell merch. more advice.

Maybe I'm biased because I'm already a fan, but I'd consider $20 a steal. That red one is gorgeous, and I'd love the first one if I didn't loathe Game of Thrones.

i don't do that series, so...

i saw it as a take on "playing chicken" as we used to do as kids, riding our bikes full speed towards each other and the one who turned to avoid the crash was the chicken.

(i got a couple of spectacular scars that way...no chicken here!) but the concerned chicken? absolutely adorable!

These are gorgeous and I need to know what I can buy.

They may not be high art, but they are a wonderful mix of kitch, humor, commentary, and your world view. I'd pay $20 for one.

Right? Who said art had to be high. Pfft.

I assume you'll be putting at least a couple of these in the AC art show? I have a 1" x 2" budgie I got from you there a few years ago.

Neither of those says I AM YOUR CHICKEN ART to me, but I do, in point of fact, collect chicken art. Any chance of pictures of the others, or is that just going to ruin your display if you pre-sell too much?

ETA: What does ACEO mean?

Edited at 2015-06-23 06:20 pm (UTC)

Artist Card Editions & Originals! They're tiny art that started as mail art handmade trading cards, and sort of evolved. They're a standard size--2.5 x 3.5--and can be in a variety of mediums. A near little collectible art movement cheap kinda thing.

I'd absolutely pay 20+shipping for the GoT themed one shown, so if it's available, please let me know!

Ahem. You should keep boosting your price until people don't pay the price and then drop back a bit. Also $15 isn't the same as it used to be, so it isn't enough.

I want a Game of Chickens card. That is so my life right now.

Matted, $20 minimum, and as others have said, if you haven't very many of them, you might want to charge more to take demand down to a dull roar.

I would totally buy these. They are exactly the sort of fun art I want hanging in my hall.

You're underselling yourself again, Ursula. We think you and your art are awesome, remember?

you could have sightseeing chickens with maps with their pictures in front of street signs..


I assume the red one would go for $60 since it's three (or $45 if you're doing $15 each instead of $20) cards instead of one. If they don't sell at the con, I suspect they'll sell like hot-cakes through here and other places.

Well, it's only 3 in that I used 3 tiny bits of clapboard--it's the size of a regular ACEO.

In the Game of Frogs, you win or you croak.