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Thank you!

Thank you, everyone who weighed in on the chicken thing!

I did not realize that they would prove so popular, or that so many of you were interested in owning one of my originals (even the wee ones.) I suppose I don't make many originals any more, but if people are enthusiastic about ACEO chickens (and worried birds, and at least one confused sheep) then I will have to do more in the future. (I did a couple more during D&D the other night, anyway.)

I'll take 'em to the con for $18 or $20, put a few in the art show as requested (and yes, there will be Game of Chickens mini-prints) and see about selling them occasionally on the internet if people are that interested.

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I own two of your originals (a cave-painting styled one with cooking implements, and the small one with the wombat (I think? It's put away right now) aviator Cat Valente character), and if I still had money to buy art, I'd be after one of the chickens!

Prints are wonderful. I have no problem with prints, and am very happy to have lots of them hanging on my walls. But there's something special about an original, too. Even a small one.

Agreed! I have a number of prints, but it's the originals that make me squee.

Incidentally,this is probably a lovely time to mention that my daughter tore through Castle Hangnail like it was on fire and also delights in telling visitors to our home that the weird bark-thing painting hanging over our fireplace is Twigjack, and that it's a Friendly Weird Thing. I love Twigjack.

There is something really magical about original art.

I don't know that I'll manage to get to a con you're going to be at, so I'd definitely be interested in something online!

so much this!

...sometimes it's a real bitch to be on the permanent gimp list.

I believe the convention center Anthrocon is in has handicap accessibility stuff, if that's what you need - folks with mobility issues also tend to get elevator priority at the Westin.

It's not so much accessibility (which is WONDERFUL that the hotel is so up-to-speed with accessibility) as it is *me* being able to get out with my specific health crap. Getting a power chair has helped, but going solo isn't easy despite that, and TheEngineer can't always take time off to do stuff.

Far away people are interested in art!

Edited at 2015-06-24 11:40 pm (UTC)

oooh! I still love my st Mantis limited edition I bought from you donkeys years ago. I pick him up from being framed next weekend. AM SO excited.

I have two prints, one original (Still can't believe I scored Green Bird!) and will happily order a worried bird or confused sheep.

At some point I need to buckle down and order that Elemental Hamster set for my ritual room.

I wish I could afford one (or more) of your works/prints (impoverished "professional college student" here.)

You know I *always* pay special attention to what you have in the AC Art Show, Ursula. As does my eternal nemesis and dastardly foil Bryant. So bring 'em on, and I'll see what I can bring home for my constantly-growing Gallery of the Amusingly Weird.

I'd love to have your originals, but until the day I do I've bought several of your prints and given a few away as gifts. As for the chickens, I love 'em-- when you do your garden studies, I always look for the chicken before I read them because if I don't it'll niggle at me that it's lurking there, somewhere.....

If you ever feel like doing a series of chickens (aside from the Tarot, which you *know* we're all enthusiastic about), have you considered the Seven Deadly Sins? That would be awesome.

You're a freakin' genius. YES.

St Otter is watching over my shoulder as I type. I am still so grateful to Reese and everyone who donated to you.
Is your Red Wombat site up to date on the originals available?

Oh, Ursula! Have you not realised yet that people will buy ANYTHING you offer for sale? At this point, you could scrumple up a blank piece of paper and have your dogs chew it, and people will still buy it off you!

You have a long-term RABID fanbase, increasing international fame (and presumably therefore more and more new fans who don't own anything by you yet), and a diminishing number of art originals for sale. I think at this point your art income is regulated entirely by what you feel decent selling and what price you feel is decent to put on it, rather than by any constraints of demand...

This this thisity this.

I am interested and also unable to attend cons right now, so I will be watching with interest. Great interest. Especially if there are sheep as well as chickens.

I love the idea of Ursula-originals for less than $50 and so would also jump on the online bandwagon for Confused Creatures! :D

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