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This is the best news

...yes, my Bald Eagles look like chickens. I DON'T CARE.

(You may redistribute this as far and wide as you want, because today is a good day.)

Today is one of the BEST days!

Thank you.

Thank you for summing it up so well <3

*glowing with happiness*

-- A :D

Nah, they look more like eagles to me. Happy eagles. Happy day.

Your bald eagles look PERFECT.

I am definitely re-blogging this on July 4th. It will go in my queue with 1776 and something about the national parks.

Looks pretty good to me

It's just about the right size for a Facebook banner, so I've snagged it for that. Thank you!

Re: Looks pretty good to me

I did the same thing :)

It's a good ending to a week that started low and has ended high. YAY! Rainbows for all!

Thank you for sharing this!

Можно поздравить США ))) , пидоров теперь женить можно.!!!! Россия с утра смеется ))))

По-английски, пожалуйста. Не будь грубым.

This picture is a lovely way to celebrate a lovely day.

Yay, about time America joined the rest of the civilized world...

Well, we still have driving all backwards, but I think we're stuck with that one. :)

They're adorable eagle-chickens, and thank you! My friends and co-workers and I have been alternating between giggling like fiends and happy tears all day. It's about time!

(Deleted comment)