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World Fantasy Nomination

So I am still at Anthrocon and was in fact at the after party run by the Dorsai Irregulars when an online friend, Ultragotha, congratulated me for my World Fantasy nomination.

Now, the ballot's been out for awhile, and I wasn't on it, so I thought it was just an awkward misunderstanding...and then Cassie, my most faithful of minions, called me and explained (three times--there had been rum) that the ballot had been revised and a short story was moved to novella and thus a slot opened and I was now on the ballot for "Jackalope Wives."


I am still a little befuddled (there was rum! I've been at a con!) but it appears this is really happening.


Congrats! I had that on my Hugo Ballot, so nice to see it get the recognition it deserves. Good luck!

Congrats and maybe you will won the ugly Fishman Lovecraft trophy you mentioned in KUEC :D.

Congrats - was this the one you said would make the hat trick? :)


So does this mean you're coming to World Fantasy, by any chance? :D

Congratulations. It looks like things are going your way *fingers crossed*


YAAAAYYYY! I love Jackalope Wives!