UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

And another thing...

I have (not even remotely) recovered from the con and the long drive and I am supposed to be editing things and I am groggy and it appears that I am still a World Fantasy nominee, as weird as that is, and the garden got torrential rain in my absence and is now eight feet tall where it hasn't fallen over and the beans took over the arch that they were supposed to be growing gracefully over, so now you have to go under it bent double, and the tomatoes are probably a loss, but the spaghetti squash is still fighting through the mildew and the ground cherries are taller than I am and the tomatillos are terrifying and the garden is supposed to have a photo shoot next week and it is not a cottage garden any longer but a wild green apocalypse and I am slightly afraid.

You have to shout to be heard in the backyard at night now, between the frogs and the katydids and the cicadas. It is a roar of voices. Southern forests are not quiet places.

I stare at the garden and I think "Is this what I was trying to do?" and I can't remember because I didn't really have a vision going in but it is alive, quite terrifyingly alive, Igor-with-the-slab-and-the-lightning-rod alive, and I think that is probably better than any of the alternatives, even if it is not always good for my nerves.

Tomorrow I have to actually get these edits done and I would like to sleep for a year. But Anthrocon was wonderful! Thank you to my faithful minion Taliabear and my stunt minion Natalie and everybody who came by and I may have bought five skulls and threatened to cut people during the art auction but the point is that I have five more skulls including a horse skull, which I didn't have before, and a replica of a dire wolf, which is kinda cool.

I feel a warm fuzzy exhausted good will towards humanity, which is not a bad thing to feel after a convention.
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