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Garden Journal July 15th

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If it will help I will post pictures of my garden. It has lost all semblance of control and I do not even have the excuse of having been away.

Yep bees are in danger so helping them be happy and healthy in your garden is a good thing.


I love the journal post -- so fresh and alive. But oh yes those plants sure can take over.


Garden hen looks like she's not sure she can take on a Blue Dasher that size, heehee!

Wow I'm jealous. Here on the west coast, there's hardly ANY green and certainly no heavy rains, alas. I make do with succulents on the patio.

And good for you for giving the bees so much to do!

(Deleted comment)
Mine's not much use--I bought heavy metal arbor archway thingies to go over the sidewalk and just grow it up those.

They'll go sideways perfectly happily as well as up, so I just do them in arches up to the deck railing or something. You could try PVC pipe and plastic joints to get a little more height?

(Deleted comment)
Tie it angled to the roof and drive carefully?

You could think laterally and use a telescopic line prop, most of those go to 9 feet.

I have a Japanese Honeysuckle that's getting frighteningly large with our mega heat wave. At least the bees and hummingbirds love it. If the climate changes enough, it may start to be considered invasive here, though. I'm starting to get an inkling of why.

Most everything else is reasonable, though. Since I just broke two bones in my foot this week, I'm thankful that it's mostly under control, because I'm not getting to it for a while.

I sometimes grumble about yard work, but then I watch a Northern Flicker rummaging around in the mulch, the bees happily buzzing around the flowers, the rabbits rolling around in the dirt, the birds cleaning themselves in the sprinkler, and all the produce coming out of the yard, and it starts to remind me why I do it. ^_^

I suppose the garden having realised you went on safari is now trying to bring the safari to you. The chicken is going to need a pith helmet and a machete.

By the way that is a lovely dragonfly but what plant is it resting on?

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