UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

No, I felt fine before too

An odd sort of thing has happened to me recently. I’ve been losing weight, thanks to the low-carb diet and even though I don’t have a scale in the house, people keep commenting that I’ve lost weight, so I think it’s working on a noticeable level. And I was at a con, where people don’t see you for a year, so we all do the “Oh my god, you look amazing,” thing, too. (Lacking a scale, I can only go by the difference in occasional doctor visits, but probably somewhere around ten pounds at the moment. It all comes off the waist first, so I am an even more exaggerated hourglass than usual and my shirts fit like either Saran-Wrap or potato sacks. Losing weight is probably like crying--there’s like five people who can do it gracefully and the rest of us just lump it.)

That’s not the odd thing. Three or four different people have said “And I bet you feel better, too!”


About that...

They mean well, absolutely, and I know they mean well. They are trying to give a compliment. But...no? I didn’t feel bad before. Actually, the only thing that’s ever significantly changed how I feel physically is thyroid meds and having protein for breakfast. (The one time I dropped scads of weight thanks to a medication side-effect, my blood pressure went so low that I would gray out whenever I stood up, and then I menstruated for twelve days straight for no apparent reason. That felt awful.)

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I feel great. I wouldn’t do this if it made me feel WORSE. But I also felt great last month and six months ago and a year before that. I can sling mulch for hours in the hot sun. I have biceps. I do not run unless I am being chased by serial killers or trying to catch a plane, but I can amble along looking at birds in 110 degree weather all day.* My diet is pure vanity and a desire to get my boobs down to a size that is still measured in D’s and not distant, fearsome letters of the alphabet. (Yes, yes, I know, band size will shrink first so I will spend some grim time in the lands of F or possibly even G before it goes down, if at all.)

It’s stuff like this that brings home just how strongly fat = unhealthy is correlated in people’s minds. “You’re thinner! You must feel better!” Well, no. I feel exactly the same as I did before. It’s not like those ten pounds were actually made of slow-release arsenic or something.

I’ve tried saying "No, I felt fine before, too.” It has flummoxed some very nice people who were trying to be supportive, so it’s really not optimal. It’s just weird that this particular phrase keeps coming up over and over again.

*As long as it's a dry heat. I can do that in Texas hill country, but not quite so well in North Carolina.
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