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Thamalkane Lodge

While the rest of the crew was south of us and experiencing some brief technical difficulties, Kevin and I were hanging out at Thamalkane River Lodge admiring this view. (This was in Maun, Botswana.)

There were a lot of birds. Most of them were egrets.

The artist Yoshida Hiroshi and his son Yoshida Toshi traveled the world and did lots of shin-hanga prints of the various sites, which is why there are gorgeous Japanese wood-block prints of things like Ayers Rock and Mt. Kilamanjaro. That would not be a bad way to spend one's life, if you ask me. This is something of a homage (and something of a "Man, I should go find all my old vacation photos and use them for reference for stuff in this style, because I will actually LOOK at this painting in a few years and maybe remember it, instead of having it moulder on a memory card somewhere.")

I am really only able to do this because I am procrastinating about drawing hamsters, though.

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It's lovely.

I call egrets albino pterodactyls, however, because I once had a large grey heron make a really poor judgment on a takeoff and bounce off of the hood of my truck once as I was driving down the highway. You'd be surprised just how much those things look like pterodactyls from that angle from your windshield when you are screaming in terror.

Neither the bird nor I were injured during our surprise meeting.

O_O..... I know their beaks look pretty damn much like swords when they're staring you in the face and considering stabbing out your eyeballs.....

I can say that Great Blue Heron beaks are incredibly sharp; much more than they look. I was impressed when I touched one.

Yikes! I didn't get that close to him but I'd like to see one someday.

That's lovely.

(Just goes to show that procrastinating isn't always a bad thing)

This is lovely! Will you have pieces like this in the Africa Trip book?

Probably not--I think it's just about to go to press, actually! I've got a lot of other stuff in there, though, so these will just hang out in non-book space for awhile.

OK, that's just bloody lovely, that is.

Very pretty. I particularly like the two giant creatures pretending to be trees.

Happy Hamster-drawing!

o~ ...egrets, you have a few... ~o

This is freaking lovely. I would happily hang this on my wall where I could look at it every day, I really would. I know of the Yoshidas' work and love their style; you adapted it really, really well.

Hmmm, egrets..... Do you know the Japanese tale of Crane Woman?

Well, if you paint them from memory,
You'll have....


very very very nice!! Enjoy !!! :D wherever you are xD haha

Ok, that's gorgeous!

Hmm.. although I had to do a double-take on the trees [blame it on lack of caffine] because for a moment there they looked like dinosaurs of some sort...

That said, and given the comments about the egrets and pterodactyls... that style of painting with added dinosaurs would be kind of cool.

When I procrastinate, I lie down on the couch and watch old movies. Sometimes I eat ice cream. Or drink whiskey.

When you procrastinate, you turn out beautiful art. I think you're doing it wrong. Fantastically, but not in the true spirit of the activity ;^)

Lovely. It's simple and complex all at once.

Lovely piece of procrastination. The trees in the middle look like a pair of shaggy sphynx in their natural habitat having a conversation.

Speak to us of the availability of prints...?

Marvelous. I think the trees are actually some of the local Ents...

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