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Crowned Slug Moth

I am still cataloguing all the species I find in the garden. Today I got the Crowned Slug Moth, and that made me happy in ways I can't even begin to explain.

This is the 240th moth species in the garden, and the 466th species (not including weeds) that I've identified in the yard.

...look, I'm an artist for my job. I have to have an even weirder hobby.

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I seriously thought you had made that up. You're making this up, right?

I love your imagination.

Crowned Slug Moth, Isa textula (Herrich-Schäffer, 1854)

For people who are curious the actual moth looks like a ragged light brown moth, but the caterpillar looks like a crowned slug.

It looks stingy. It looks highly poisonous.

That moth looks like a very well loved plush toy!

The caterpillar looks much less cuddly. It sorta reminds me of the stuff people get out those programs that do fractal art.

I saw a picture of the crown from a different angle. It looks like someone turned a vagina dentata inside-out.

I'd like to see that picture.

I googled more pictures and it looks like the caterpillar is about the size of a dime. There are several pictures of people with this caterpillar on the tip of their finger. It's really tiny.

And the mouth is on the less frilly end. The underside does look more slug-like than caterpillar-like.

The red part looks like a little tiara

Vagina dentata! What a wonderful phrase.
Vagina dentata! Ain't no passin' craze.
It means no willy to the end of your days...

Ah the Vagina Dentata song to the tune of "Hakuna Matata"

What do you mean "not including weeds"

How can the weeds not be a part of it all?

I could add another two dozen with non-native invasives, I'm sure, but I don't want to encourage them...

Thanks for the photos

I was trying to figure out why it was named that. But I love the gif franklanguage has as an icon...

Re: Thanks for the photos

Feel free to grab it!

that picture needs to be on a munchkin card.

The moth you drew is strange but the caterpillar of this moth is even weirder.

This is not in any way related to this post, but I had to share. I live in the Denver area and I got on the MileHiCon website tonight to see if they had any of the programming or guests up yet and I literally screamed when I saw you're going to be the guest artist. Now I am DEFINITELY going to attend. Looking forward to it!

I think I've seen that moth! Not certain, though - there are only a couple of families of moths that I'm at all confident I can ID. I am utterly certain I've never seen that caterpillar. Amazingly weird. I'd expect to see it crawling around on a coral reef rather than a leaf in a garden.

The caterpillar is adorable! What an unfortunate (if apt) name for the moth.

But if you want a truly adorable slug (albeit a sea slug), try the Leaf Sheep sea slug:

leaf sheep sea slug

Leaf Sheep sea slug

Puts our banana slugs to shame

Just came across this and thought of you as with your variety of plants you may be doing this on a small scale: http://www.powerfulprimates.com/19606/5-acre-canadian-permaculture-orchard-creates-abundance-no-fertilizers-in-6-years/


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