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Brown-Eyed Susans

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Is that different from black-eyed susans, or just another name for 'em?

It's different! Short lived perennial, acts like an annual, smaller flowers. Reseeds wildly. Black-Eyed Susans are no slouches, but these really go to town.

How amusing! Alas, I don't suppose there are hazel-eyed susans, green-eyed susans, starry purple-eyed susans, etc.

Regardless of their eye color, please don't get eaten by the susans :P

I am getting the same thing with sunflowers right now. I thought the birds had eaten all the seeds, but nope! Three plants last year has become about beleventeen this year. I suspect I may weed most of them out next year so that other plants do not end up in the shade of these monsters.

I hope that next year I have the same 'complaint' about rocky mountain bee plant and black-eyed susans.

Don't let the chicken succumb to the plants.

At least the bees are happy, even if the chicken is drowning in yellow petals.

I am attempting broccoli again. Hopefully the marigolds and soap together will keep the bunnies away.

I have a porch toad.

I call him Mr. Bufo. He sits on the front porch and eats bugs when I leave the porch light on for him.

We have had several Luna moths too this year. I managed to scamper out with my phone to get some photos.

Re: I have a porch toad.

I have a Southwestern Gecko who lives on my back porch in much the same way; I keep the light over my kitchen sink on all the time, and it draws bugs, and this gecko (I call him Mister Gee) is possibly the FATTEST, healthiest, Most Likely To Sire More Geckos lizard on the planet. He's one chunk of gecko.

Re: I have a porch toad.

I have an entire family of Leopard spotted geckos who hunt at my kitchen window, as well as tree frogs. They do quite well because I leave the light over the sink on for them. They can get very lively over choice spots on the pane.

Re: I have a porch toad.

*is now jealous of areas with geckos and frogs*

I'm in upstate NY. Wonder what I would attract if I leave my kitchen window light on?

Re: I have a porch toad.

the Dread Guiliani, or maybe Carlos Danger?

I so need a like button. :)

Rudbeckias? Or do you know their formal name? I'd like to try some, but if they're not rudbeckias, then I don't know what they are!

Also, I've never seen a toad here. Garter snakes, yes, toads, no, alas. (the pond at my favorite park has bullfrogs, though -- really, really LOUD bullfrogs)

Handsome toad poses? Or lost on his way to the Grumpy Toad audition?

(that wrong turn at Albuquerque will get 'em every time...)

I just added four Brown-eyed Susans to my meager garden, whereupon the Lawn Guys promptly whacked one out of existence. The other three were huddled together for protection, and have survived the every-other-weekly culling mowing of the lawn. I am looking forward to the day when they have gained control, and begin their march to the house.

The blackberries in the backyard are nursing their wounds, after a vicious battle waged by my partner, who was probably upset that she missed out on the loads of berries that I got to admire (and even eat).

Alas, this year, I do not seem to have any milkweed.

How I feel about purslane most days.

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