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Be Afraid

It's an Olloclip for my phone. All of these are at 7x magnification. It goes up to 21x, but at that point I feel like I'd be taking photos of individual grains of pollen.

I've had macro lenses before, but not since I changed phones awhile ago, and I tend to go a little mad every time I get a new one. All unknown bugs are submitted to bugguide.net for ID, so hopefully I'll know soon!

(Someday I'll shell out for the lens on the good camera and THEN we'll see some hot bug action!)

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I spent a thesis looking at several thousand individual grains of pollen, and thought you might like to know, 21x isn't enough ;). At 100x, you can distinctly see them, but to get enough detail to identify them, you're generally going to want to look at them under 400x. Bonus: pine pollen looks like Mickey Mouse's head.

I swear, the most interesting people comment here...

Jeremy. Don't know why g+ decided to give me that gibberish handle.

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