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Dumb Luck and Butterflies

So anyone in the garden today would have been treated to the vision of me bending nearly double, sliding my phone down my leg, looking as graceful as a stork trying to thread a needle.

The reason was because, as I was trying to take photos with my SHINY NEW MACRO LENS, a Red-Spotted Purple butterfly had just landed on my pants.

I will never be a great photographer--I've seen too many great photos and I know I'll never hit that--but I am occasionally a lucky one. And also my pants attract butterflies, and c'mon, that's gotta be worth something!

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Beautiful! And it's licking your pants! :D

Will you review how well your macro lens ends up working for you at some point? Like ease of use for those of us who are... um, not great photographers.

It seems like a perfectly nice photograph to me. Good fill of the area, most interesting part in focus, nice background blur.

oh she's LOVELY. thanks so much for sharing!

tasty tasty pants :)

sorry couldn't resist

What do you have on your pants that the butterflies like to eat?

"My pants bring all the butterflies to the yard."

I think you win this thread.


Your pants my attract butterflies, but my house attracts ladybugs by the millions. (And all kinds of other critters because we painted it a very nice yellow, which apparently is the color of bug love). In case you were looking for a way to bring in more of them. Because I know you ask internet strangers that question every day.

Wow, that's so cool!

Yeah, since I've transitioned to taking most of my photos with my iPhone, I'd be very interested in a review of this new toy.

"I'm ready for my close-up"


By my Inner Twelve-Year-Old's logic, that means you and your Butterfly Travelin' Pants now belong to that particular butterfly. Truly, Nature is amazing.

Whoa, YEAH!

And having butterflies attracted to your pants is way better than, say ... ants ...... <gd&ravvf>

So awesome! Pretty butterfly is Very Disappointed there is No Nectar.

Why is there this common assumption that Ursula's pants do not contain nectar?

[looks at hole]

[puts down shovel]


Edited at 2015-08-03 02:28 am (UTC)

Ursula's blog breaks all the "do not read the comments!" rules.

You has a flavr!

That's so awesome.

All those Wildlife photographers that spend weeks and months for such a perfect shot as this are probably wondering what is on your pants too. That is a lovely shot and just shows how far phone camera technology has come and what a good and lucky photographer you are.

I love his spotted eyes.

It was probably licking up salt and not hunting nectar. I read somewhere that butterflies need salt for reproduction. Anyway... you want some awesome butterfly action? This one was so determined it ignored everything in pursuit of salty sweat. (It lands around the :22 second mark). Both the flutist and the insect are amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5I60gr0ZQfw

That is a professional! Speaking from experience, butterflies have sticky feet, so that HAD to be uncomfortable for the flutist. I like how she wiggled her eyebrows and the butterfly Will Not Be Moved!

That is a great picture. I really like getting to see the detail in the eyes.

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