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Some kind of Sweat Bee, I think, but I don't know the kind yet. (Bugguide is on it!) Look at the pollen on that little guy! (Really happy with the crispness on him!)

And a lovely little Gray Hairstreak.

I also have a close-up on a mantis that is a little TOO close up. I can see fragments of its last meal on its face. It's actually a little creepy.

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You're trying to bug us, aren't you?


But... but... your garden is all about keeping bugs happy... and you don't have little lemon-water filled finger bowls and towelettes available for after meal clean up!?

Or is it just a delay due to figuring out logistics of male mantis washroom and female mantis washroom ... can't put 'em too close together in case he becomes her after dinner snack (and a new explanation for why women take longer!).

Would you be willing to email that mantis photo to interested fans? Because I'm VERY INTERESTED.

I have put it in the next post, behind the cut, so that those interested can see it!

Wow ! The detail is amazing, you can even make out the little scales on the Hairstreak's wings. Is that the same flower in each shot?

Different flower, same species, I think.

Just dropping in to say how much I enjoy these posts.

I'm so glad! I worry that I bore people with my weird obsessions.

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