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Good News Bee!

I am fairly proud of this photo because it’s really hard to get a shot of these things. They hover for long periods, but they rarely land.

Also this is 100% true about talking to the hoverflies.

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I say good morning to the orb weavers that have taken up residence around my front door. One of them's hangin out on my door wreath, too.

I don't judge. :D

Garden hen looks like her Good News is lunch by organic drone.

One of the silliest things I have ever seen was a hen with very large tiger swallowtail wings sticking out both sides of her beak. She looked so pleased with herself.

Do Not Judge The Chicken!

It does NOT look ridiculous! It shows you care about sharing good news with your residents.

telling it out loud makes you appreciate the good stuffs more. *nodsnodsnods*

very cool insect pictures you've been posting!

Talking to the insects is fine. You only have to worry when they talk back.

Back in May I was on Fifth Ave. waiting to cross to go to Central Park when a yellow hornet of some sort started circling and investigating me. It continued to do so as I crossed the street and entered the park until I said "I don't want you. Go away"...and it did! Maybe insects understand more than we think.


I was siting in my car reading a book today when a small black insect I think was some kind of bee hovered near me. I thought about you and just sat still and appreciated it.

Your love of nature has a positive affect on your readers. I just wanted you to know that.

And I think it is cool that you tell the bees your good news.
Do you also tell the hive when someone has died?

Well, we don't have a hive, and these are a solitary insect--and fortunately it doesn't come up often!--so not yet, anyway.

I had quite a conversation with a small green bug that climbed round my arm, then trousers while I was reading in the garden yesterday. And I congratulate bumble bees on their good work. It seems to be rather a good year for benevolent insects in my garden.

Do you remember when you used to be plagued with defective wildlife, like Lumpy the Squirrel?
And now you're talking to bees?

Look, when the witch-finders come looking for you, the evidence you put in this blog is just gonna pile up.
The EULA only protects you from class-action inquisitions!

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