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Goodbye Squash Crop

The cure for Pickleworm is apparently a whole lot of poison. You can use organic poison, but that’s still what you’re doing. Otherwise, cry a lot, use row covers, and cry some more.

I am hoping to grow Gem Squash next year, and have planned to grow nothing BUT so that I get seeds for saving, and I'm REALLY hoping they fruit before the pickleworms arrive.

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Condolences. Perhaps consider growing something that matures faster and planting earlier? The extension website suggests this is what farmers in the Carolinas did before modern pesticides. They also suggest planting a trap crop, but that is to protect melons and using squashes as the sacrificial plant.


I've tried to unscreened this comment but LJ's new mobile version is...not useful.

No worries. Hope the extension website might be useful to you and good luck.

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